Drea Kelly Is Happy After Ex, R.Kelly, Gets Paid Big For Small Lounge Performance Gig

Posted On : April 12, 2019

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R. Kelly may be having the worst year of his life, but when it comes to his ex-wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly, things are really beginning to look up for her. How so? Because after the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series aired, she’s not only been able to secure a spot for herself and their three kids on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she’s also received her back child support from Kellz. Now, it she admits to having one more reason to celebrate- Kelly’s latest paying gig.

Kelly’s Small Town Gig, Paid Well

As we previously reported, word on the Old School curb is that despite admittedly being financially challenged at the present moment, R. Kelly managed to pull in $21,000.00 for a 1-hour appearance at a small Illinois lounge. He performed “Bump N’ Ground” to a crowd of approximately 50 people, who were very happy to see him, much like Drea is just as happy that he got the gig.

Even though R. Kelly recently earned a ‘get-outta-jail card,’ after paying $161,000.00 in back child support to Drea, dude still has $21K monthly child support payments to shell out to her. Hence, Drea’s reason for being elated that he’s at least getting gigs that are paying him upwards of 22 stacks.

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