Dubai Office Denies Recent Claims Of Upcoming R.Kelly Concerts, Kelly’s Lawyer Responds

Posted On : March 24, 2019

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The term, ‘Uh oh!,’ comes to mind when I think of what R. Kelly’s reaction probably is right about now. That is, if he still hopes the judge will grant him permission to travel to Dubai so he can earn some money to pay his hefty child support bills and such.

In a very rare move for Dubai government, it’s Media Office has spoken out about the recent R. Kelly concert performance claims. Dubai’s media office released a statement, on Sunday (March 24th), denying the claim that R. Kelly made in court last week, pertaining to any upcoming performances in the country.

Dubai’s office also denied the claim that was made by R. Kelly’s attorney in court, that Kellz had plans on meeting with the royal Al Maktoum family, while there.

Here’s what was reported by The Associated Press:

“Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked,” the statement said.

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