Dwyane Wade Finally Breaks His Silence After Son’s Pride Parade Attendance

Posted On : June 19, 2019

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Sports fans will recognize Dwyane Wade as an iconic NBA legend who recently hung up his kicks to retire from the game. He’s also a loving family man who supports his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, as well as his family. In April, Wade’s eleven year old son, Zion,¬†enjoyed his first ‘Pride celebration,’ by attending “Miami Beach Pride” with his stepmother, Union, as well as various other members of his family. And though he was surrounded by love, trolls of course decided they wanted to comment on what was going on.

Opinions Are Like….

Gabrielle Union with Dwayne Wade’s son, Zion, at Miami Beach Pride Parade [Twitter]
Back in April,¬†ILOSM reported on Zion and Gabrielle’s attendance at Miami Beach Pride and they were all smiles. Though Zion has 100 % support of his family (which is a beautiful thing), there were a few people that had different opinions. Some supported the Wades’ decision to let Zion be himself. Others believed that there was a certain agenda being pushed that they weren’t fans of. There were also those who believed in what the Wades were doing, but thought Zion was too young for the parade. Despite the commentary of others, Wade fully lent his support. He posted a photo of Union and Zion to IG with the caption “We support each other with pride”.

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As touching as that was people still continued to question Wade’s parenting and he has remained silent. Until now.

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