Eazy E’s Daughter Cursed Out His Widow & Boldly Explained Why

Posted On : June 2, 2019

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When NWA’s & Ruthless Records’ founder, Eazy E, died from A.I.D.S., he left behind 9 grieving children. Unfortunately he also left a bitter relationship between some of his seeds versus his widow, Tomica Wright. That was crystal clear years later, when not only did his son, Lil Eazy E, sue Tomica, but his daughter, Erin “Ebie” Wright, delivered a virtual chin-check to her Stepmomma as well.

What Caused Eazy’s Daughter To Curse Out His Widow…

Though Erin “Ebie” Wright was just 3 and 1/2 years old when her pops, Eazy E. passed, the bond they shared was strong. So much so, that 20 years later, her love for her Dad and his iconic legacy is what prompted Ebie to blast his widow, Tomica.

Erin “Ebie” Wright seated in front of photo of her dad, Eazy E [Instagram]
A few years ago, Ebie (@WeWantEbie) took to Twitter to call out Tomica’s handling of her Dad’s business and brand, after a fan asked her the following question:

@WeWantEB what about the aftermath of Ruthless Records,I wanna know how did [Tomica] handled the company frl!

In her reply to the fan, Ebie let Tomica Wright have it:

Erin “Ebie” Wright- “She ran it into the GROUND ! Ruined everything my dad worked so hard for #Fu*kTomica”

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