Eddie Murphy Takes Action Against Ex Mel B Before Her Tell-All Book Release

Posted On : July 31, 2018

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ILOSM family, if y’all didn’t hear by now, Spice Girl/”The Voice” judge, Mel B., has a new tell-all autobiography releasing soon, titled “Brutally Honest.” Okay, I get it, you’re probably like, ‘And…?’. I felt the same way, until I remembered the portion of her life that may actually be interesting, is the part where she was comedic legend, Eddie Murphy’s, woman-turned-baby-mama number…uh…I lost count. That’s neither here nor there though – point is: If Mel B., or anyone else, thought she was about to be “brutally honest” about her dealings with Eddie, WRONG…think again!

How Murphy Shut Down Mel B.

Word on the Old School curb is that our man, Eddie, is giving Mel B. a classic ‘hell to the naw’ regarding any mention of him in her new book. According to what Mel B. recently stated, Eddie already had his shut-down-book-game pre-covered, long before she felt the urge to put her tell-all pen to the paper for her upcoming book:

Via Daily Mail: The 43-year-old Spice Girls alum, a source told The Sun, ‘has to be very careful about her chapter on Eddie because they have a legal deal in place’ that impacts what she can say publicly about the 57-year-old actor, who she shares 11-year-old daughter Angel with.

The 2007 legal deal, the source said, ‘came in the aftermath of him denying being the dad of Angel and then working out a financial deal through lawyers.’ The source said that attorneys for her publisher ‘are looking at how to get around problematic aspects of it, but Mel will not be able to talk about the financials or personal aspects of Eddie’s sex life. ‘A book exposing the highs and lows of their relationship would not be helpful.’

Their Rocky Past & Paternity Drama

Eddie Murphy with his and Mel B.’s daughter, Angel (via TheShadeRoom)

Mel B. previously stated that now that her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, is out of the picture, Eddie has a ‘flourishing relationship’ with their daughter Angel Murphy-Brown (11). However, it wasn’t always like that. You see, Eddie’s reasoning for putting a years-long zip on Mel B’s lips when it comes to speaking publicly about him, may have been smart for his reputation out here.

Why? Because Eddie Murphy got Mel pregnant while they were dating, but then he didn’t believe Angel was actually his, stating that Mel possibly had several partners at that time. Soon as Angel was born, Eddie and Mel took a blood test, which confirmed Angel was his little girl. Eddie began financially supporting Angel, but reportedly still didn’t maintain much contact with Angel…until recently.

So yeah, Eddie, who’s known for being a very devoted father to his other children, could have risked ruining his fatherly rep,’ had he not shut down Mel B. from talking.

Ex Husband & Mel B Have Very Different Opinions About Her Book

As far as her seemingly bitter ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, he’s reportedly threatening to sue Mel B. if she discusses their rocky marriage. It’s been alleged that he forced Mel B. into threesomes and reportedly beat her during their marriage. Now, the two exes have different outlooks when it comes to her upcoming book:

Via DailyMail: “It is important my three girls, who I raise as a single mother, know how to break the chain of abuse – along with any other woman who reads this book,” [Mel B.] said in a statement in April [2018].

Belafonte told The Sun earlier this month [July 2018] he’s confident that he won’t appear in the pages of the memoir: “I’ll bet you a billion dollars I am not mentioned in her book … I won’t be in that book. I think what she’s done is dumb. It’s dumb for her brand.”

“Brutally Honest” is expected to drop in November 2018.