Eddie’s Ex Nicole Murphy Confirmed If She Dated Drake, Nick Cannon..Admits She Doesn’t Like Older Men

Posted On : August 13, 2019

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Ever since Nicole Murphy divorced Eddie Murphy 13 years ago (in 2006), many men have been trying to get with her. It’s no secret that Eddie’s ex-wife (and mother of 5 of his kids) is fine as she ever was at 51- nope that is not a typo…Nicole turned 51 this year. As y’all can see, she looks damn near the same as she did when she said “I do” to Eddie in 1993.

As she was making her promotional rounds for her new skin care line, Softt Beauty Skin Care, her jewelry line, FLP: Friends, Love, and Peace; and her new fitness app, she stopped by the ‘Sway in the Morning’ radio show. Even though her businesses are her main focus, it was only natural that she get asked about the many rumors swirlin’ around about her love life. Thankfully, Nicole’s a pretty down to earth, so she was able to answer the hot topics with ease. She addressed several things, including dating younger men; Eddie skipping her lavish 50th b-day party in 2018;  her ex fiancee, Michael Strahan and more. She also addressed those persistent allegations that she dated Drake (32) and Nick Cannon (38)- both of whom have a history of crushin’ on older women.

Nicole Murphy on the stereotype that it’s okay for older men to date young women, but not the other way around:

“Oh I can’t stand that, I don’t like that. I don’t think that’s fair. Why do we have to be stuck with some old fart?!! LOL. Right? WHY? Why do I have to have something…broke down. Why can’t I have some nice young thang?” -via ‘Sway in the Morning’

Whether or not she’d date a non-wealthy man:

“I’d consider it, as long as he’s a good person, got a great personality, he has to make me laugh. […] It’s really on the person though…I wouldn’t shut him down just because he may not be financially on my level.” -via Sway in the Morning

On The Wendy Williams Show, Nicole also indirectly addressed rumors that she’s been kickin’ it with either Nick Cannon or Drake. When asked about Drake attending her private 50th birthday party, Nicole hit us with the politically correct response:

“I was surprised! Trust me! I gave him [Drake] a big hug we took pictures, and I went off and we were dancing.”

When she was asked if Eddie Murphy attended the party:

“No, unfortunately. He was invited, though – apparently.” Did Eddie at least get her a gift? “No!” said Nicole.

On her relationship with The Voice judge/Spice Girl, Mel B., Eddie’s daughter’s mother:

“Great. I have no issues with her; that was all after the fact.”

Nicoled admitted that she and Mariah Carey’s ex, Nick Cannon, are cool, but here’s what she said when asked about dating him:

No! Nick Cannon and I were only friends. Don’t believe those guys.

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On keeping her engagement ring from retired NFL’er/GMA host, Michael Strahan:

“We were together for 8 years. We got engaged 2 years in. But guess what, I kept the ring. Yes I did! I deserved that ring!”

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Although Nicole Murphy is currently single, she made it clear, during her interview on ‘Sway in the Morning,’ that her definition of “single” means she does not have a ring on her finger.

At that time, she’d also admitted that she would love to be married again, especially after witnessing Meaghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s wedding.