En Vogue’s Cindy And Her MLB Husband Share Life-Threatening Medical Condition Their Son Endured

Posted On : April 20, 2021

[L] Cindy Herron; [R] En Vogue’s original members: Cindy, Dawn Robinson, Maxine Jones, Terry Ellis
A few years after Cindy Herron (center) dominated the charts with her En Vogue group members, Terry Ellis, Maxine Jones, and Dawn Robinson, she and her husband had much to be grateful for- they were expecting their fourth child together. Little did they know at that time in 2004, what lied ahead for the fate of their baby boy would test both of them in a way that no parent would ever expect.

Before we get into what Cindy’s husband revealed about the trauma their son, Solomon, endure, let us first introduce you to him. His name is Glenn Braggs and he is a retired MLB baseball legend who made major noise in the league from 1986 to 1992.

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Glenn and Cindy married in 1992 and will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary in November 2021. In an emotional revelation Glenn Braggs made about their now 15 year old son, Solomon, he painfully detailed the unexpected, life-altering health crisis their sone had to go through. Scroll down to get the details…

What Cindy Herron’s Husband Revealed Is Heart Wrenching

While speaking at an event for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2010, Cindy Herron sat in the audience as her husband recalled the devastating time they learned that their son had a tumor in his eye and in a serious health crisis. What transpired from their changed them all forever…

Why the hospital is special to Cindy and Glenn Braggs:

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“Children’s Hospital holds a special place in my heart for myself and my wife and my son, Solomon… When I played here in Cincinnati, I would come…visit the kids here, said Braggs. I felt it was such an amazing thing that they were doing here. I would come and talk to these kids and try to give them something positive to think about. Never did I think that later on that was going to be reversed on me.”

Their son, Solomon’s, health diagnosis:

“When Solomon about six months old, we found out that he had retinal blastoma, which is a tumor on the eye,” revealed Braggs. “We were able to go to Children’s Hospital, which had a … world-renowned doctor for that particular disease. We had a great experience there, and Solomon ended up having the surgery to have his eye removed, and he has a prosthetic now.

I always say he lost his eye but he gained his life. … It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through in my life…. We really didn’t know what to expect. We met a few families that had already gone through with it, and they talked to us, but … when you go through adversity like that, you think it’s the end of the world.”

Cindy Spoke Out About Son’s Eye Condition

In 2020, Cindy Herron shared a post about their son’s eye condition to raise awareness.

Cindy: “When my youngest son was a baby he was diagnosed with a rare childhood eye cancer of the retina in his right eye called Retinoblastoma. It’s often characterized as a glow in the pupil seen in photos or in person. Without early intervention and treatment it will always become fatal. To save my son’s life his eye had to be removed and he now wears a prosthetic eye that needs to be replaced every few years until he stops growing.”

Where Their Son Is Now Is Now Is Inspiring

Throwback photo of Cindy Herron and Glenn Braggs with their children

Glenn realized that he and Cindy were praying for the wrong blessing at that time:

“I always felt that we were praying that God would save his eye. In saving his eye, he probably would have lost his life. So by losing his eye, he gained his life… Sometimes you pray to God for the thing you think you want, and God gives you the thing you need.

It was a tough thing to go through, but when I look at him now and I see how well he’s doing at school and how it’s not really affecting him, I just look at the blessing of it all. It was just the beginning, and now he’s starting his life fresh. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know. … We’re proud to have him as our son.”

Solomon is now soaring in school and is like a spelling bee “genius” as his Pops calls him.  Solomon has been killin’ it in spelling bee competitions and winning 1st place, while at it. Go ‘head Solomon…you’re making your parents proud!