Engineers File Hefty Lawsuit Over Beyonce & Jay Z’s $88 Million Dollar Mansion, Here’s Why

Posted On : December 27, 2017

Beyonce’ and Jay-Z got 99 problems, but the latest lawsuit over their $88 million mansion ain’t one…it’s their contractor’s.

Now, before we get into this lawsuit, let’s pause for a second to ponder over the fact that the Carter’s dropped $88 MILLION on a house! I’on know about y’all, but for $88 million, that house better be able to take off into outer space. For $88 mill,’ that home better come fully equipped with it’s own source of renewable energy, because otherwise the energy bill on that one will be a BEAST! Hell…for $88 million, any future renovations and/or upkeep that house may need, better be properly wired with capabilities to repair itself on some high-tech robotic, Bill Gates, type stuff. Know what I’m saying ILOSM family?


In other words, $88 million big ones on a house is a whole lotta concerts, endorsements, and records Bey and Jay have had to sell just to have a comfortable place to lay their heads at night -most of which they probably won’t get to do any time soon, given their very hectic work schedules. But hey, for that now billion dollar couple, they can afford to live by the words of Jay Z’s song: “Money Ain’t A Thang.” Anyways, here’s why an engineering company just slapped their contractors over the head with a $1.5 million lawsuit:

Via TMZ by way of Splash News

Via TMZ – Qwest Engineering is suing famed real estate developer Dean McKillen and Cuesta Estate — the developers of Bey and Jay-Z’s $88 million estate — for allegedly stiffing them on at least $200k of work Qwest says it did on the house prior to it being sold to the couple. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta asked them to do all the excavating on the house and to specifically carve out a space for a future basement. Qwest says that required 2,000 sq. feet at a height of 12 feet and 888 cubic yards of dirt to be taken out … which they say they quickly wrapped up over 5-6 weeks with McKillen and Cuesta breathing down their necks.

When it was time to pay up … Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta came up empty-handed, and never gave ’em their cash — an alleged whopping $205,337. … Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta can’t claim they’re broke on this one, ’cause Qwest says the developers made a FAT profit off Bey and Jay in selling it for $88 mil. Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta paid only “a small fraction” of that purchase price to demolish and reconstruct the home that was eventually sold. [Qwest is] asking for more than $1.8 mil in punitive damages, too. We’ve reached out McKillen … he said the lawsuit was based on false info, and that Qwest is not owed that money.

Mo money, mo problems.