Epic Video Of Barack Cuttin’ Up With Michelle At Bey & Jay Z’s Show & Fans Go Wild

Posted On : July 29, 2018

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ILOSM family, we’ve just about seen it all now, after seeing what our forever president, Barack Obama, just did with his queen, Michelle. Matter of fact, this put a big smile on our faces today. The iconic Mr. and Mrs. were spotted at…wait for it…Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s concert gettin’ their dance on. Now, we already know Michelle loves her some Bey’ and Jay Z’s music, she made that quite clear on several occasions. The most recent, being when she popped up at their show a few weeks ago and danced the night away with Bey’s moms, Tina Lawson. But y’all have GOT to see Barack… scroll down for video…

WATCH Barack & Michelle Dance & Surprise Fans At Concert

Welp folks, lo and behold, Michelle done dragged her hubby to the show, for one of Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run II’ tour stops and it was epic. Unlike before, when Michelle sat alongside the stage in clear eyesight of the crowd, they didn’t take that risk with her husband, understandably so. Secret Service was probably like ‘Hell to the naw,’ when it came time for Barack to get his side stage view. Therefore, the Obamas were treated to a sky high view in the very secluded and enclosed VIP suite of the stadium instead.

For most of the show, fans had absolutely no clue that the Obamas were hoisted over their heads, enjoying the show. But at some point, the attention was brought to them and when fans turned around and looked up to see Barack smiling, dancing, and waiving back at them, the crowd went WILD! Watch the video clips below and be sure to swipe left…


It was a beautiful sight to see and y’all already know Michelle was right next to Barack, gettin’ her dance on with him. Gotta love Pres. Obama…MAN, I wish there were a 3-term rule, instead of 2, but ah well, it is what it is. Anywho, check out the Obama’s cuttin’ a rug to Jay and Bey’ in the video, shared by The Shade Room, up top.

By the way, Barack’s been cuttin’s a rug to Beyonce’s music ever since he was Senator Barack. Watch him do his thing to “Crazy Right Now” with talk show host, Ellen Degeneres:

Watch Michelle & Mama Tina Cut Up Too

In case y’all missed our previous report, the you missed a treat, because Michelle Obama and Bey’s Mama Tina were gettin’ their two-step on something SERIOUS at the OTRII Tour on July 15, 2018.

Yasss mothas…. #michelleobama #tinalawson #OTRII

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At that time, Barack couldn’t make the show, because he was in Kenya, East Africa, where half of his kinfolks hail from. However, that didn’t stop Michelle from gettin’ her life at the concert! It all went down at Paris’ Stade de France, while Beyonce’ and Jay Z were performing “Let Me Upgrade You,” among other hits at their concert. Fans were shocked as hell to notice Mrs. Obama, her two daughters -Malia and Sasha- and Malia’s boyfriend, casually stroll up to their VIP seats incognito. Well, if you call being escorted by plain clothed Secret Service agents ‘incognito,’ then yeah, that’s about as ‘incognito’ as it’ll ever get for them. Anyways, the former first fam’ linked up with Tina Lawson right next to the stage and apparently, one of their favorite songs is “Upgrade,” because as soon as it came on, Michelle and Tina started gettin’ hype.

Barack Sings Al Green Song

Just for the hell of it, we’ll also throwback to that time Pres. Obama shocked the world with his Al Green singing skills in the video clip below…

It’s official, Michelle and Barack Obama are THE coolest (and most effective, might I add) President and First Lady EVER!