Erykah Badu Proudly Shares Touching Thing Her & D.O.C.’s Daughter Did For Poor Family In Haiti

Posted On : May 9, 2018

Erykah Badu (47) has not only proven she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music game, she’s now proving that when it comes to mommy-hood she and her children’s father’s are doing their due diligence to make sure they instill honorable morals and values into their children. In this particular case, the Badu kid who is the topic of discussion, is none other than the 13 year old daughter Badu shares with former Ruthless Records rapper, The D.O.C. (49)…

BET Presents: 2017 Soul Train Awards - Red Carpet & Arrivals
LAS VEGAS, NV – NOVEMBER 05: (L-R) Mars Merkaba Thedford, host Erykah Badu, and Puma Sabti Curry attend the 2017 Soul Train Awards, presented by BET, at the Orleans Arena on November 5, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)

What Their Daughter Did For Haitian Families

Badu revealed that while most kids were enjoying their Spring Break by chillin’ at home playing video games, or on a vacation with their fam,’ her daughter, Puma, decided to put in work in Haiti, to help those who are less fortunate. Accompanied by her Pops, D.O.C., Puma spent Spring Break building homes for the beautiful families of Haiti and her parents couldn’t be more proud. In a recent Instagram post, E. Badu shared a photo and video of Puma digging through soil, with a caption that read:

“Sending lotsa Light to my humble PUMA for making the decision to spend her spring break in Haiti and taking the responsibility to help build a school, while taking the time to also dig deeper into herself and her spirit . Along with her French, She speaks 3 languages…so dragging her father along, too , afforded him a great translator. @c.d.o.c . ❤️very very proud of you both. — they are working in conjunction with a group called ” buildOn. “

Check out the video and pic below (swipe left)…

D.O.C. shared some pics of his own from their Haiti mission…

The rap legend also enjoys sharing his and Puma’s father-daughter moments with his social media followers as well. Below is a cool car ride they had on the way to…well, it doesn’t really matter where, point is- is that they clearly had a helluva car trip that day.

She got me.

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Puma even got her pops to sing a teen pop song that is the farthest thing from the D.O.C. we new when he was spittin’ the lyrics, “One, and here comes the two to the three and four/Then I drop the beat I have in store” in “Funky Enough,” which is one of my favorite joints of all time by the way.

D.O.C. Explains His Unusually Beautiful Connection With Badu…And Her Baby Daddies

Now, here’s another cool factor about the dynamic of Erykah Badu’s current co-parenting situation with D.O.C. and her other two children’s fathers. We all already know that Erykah has one child each with rappers, Andre 3000, Jay Electronica, and of course, D.O.C., but she’s somehow managed to create a real life ‘Kumbayah’ type of vibe between all three of them. According to The D.O.C., with the exception of his two children (he has another child from his current relationship), Erykah is his best friend and he says that he, Andre 3K, and Jay are all really close with each other. How in the hell did Erykah manage to make that happen? Not really sure, but it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Peep what he said in the video up top.