Eve Recalled Scary Incident: Janet Jackson Rescued Her When She Was Drugged Up In Public

Posted On : November 12, 2020
Eve; Janet Jackson

Ruff Ryders rapper, Eve, shared a pretty frightening story on “The Talk” daytime show a couple years ago. It’s one that’ll make anyone wanna rethink where they party and whom they’re partying with…especially if they plan on letting loose that night and throwing back a few drinks. Eve learned the hard way why one can ever be too careful with their drinks, when they’re out and about having a blast with their homies. Thankfully, mega-superstar, Janet Jackson, was there for the rescue mission. See what Eve revealed about the time she was drugged up and left fearing for her life at a party **scroll down for video**…

(VIDEO) Eve: ‘Janet Jackson Saved Me’

On “The Talk,” Eve and her co-hosts were discussing the dangers of leaving your drinks unattended at parties and such. During the convo’ Eve then explained how she was once attending a music industry party and how she felt safe because there were many people there she knew. She then went on to explain how she was laughing it up and leaving her drink on the counter at random times to go and speak to others, without thinking twice that she was in any imminent danger. However, about an hour later, is when everything took a turn for the worse and here is where Janet had to step in:

Via Hollywood.com: Rapper Eve lost control of her emotions during a meeting with Janet Jackson at a party after [realizing] someone had spiked her drink. The “Who’s That Girl” hitmaker was at an awards show afterparty several years ago when she started to feel strange and felt sure someone had slipped a date rape drug into her cocktail.

“I started feeling crazy and not drunk and I knew immediately something was different and it was weird because I was there, but I wasn’t there…,” she said on chat show The Talk. “Whoever I was with, I tapped them on the shoulder and said, ‘Something is wrong’, and they were like, ‘No you’re just drunk’, and I started hysterically crying…”

The rapper was escorted into a room to calm down, and was floored when fellow party guest Janet Jackson took control of the strange situation. “I hear this really soft voice that’s like, ‘It’s OK, Ill take care of it’, and I’m, like, snot crying, and I turn around and its Janet Jackson…,” she added. “I was so embarrassed and I was like, ‘I didn’t want to meet you like this…’”

Watch Eve explain in this in greater detail in the video below…

Janet Jackson has always been known to have a beautiful, caring heart behind the scenes. Like her big brother, the late Michael Jackson, we’ve heard about her many philanthropic efforts to help those in need, even though she almost never publicizes them. So it was well within Janet’s character to be the one to toss the ‘superstar’ title outta the window, when it came time to rescue Eve during her dire time in need.

Eve, along with rapper, Ja Rule, went on to be featured on Janet’s and Blackstreet’s song, “Girlfriend/Boyfriend.” Pretty sure that clearly showed Eve that although she did not meet Janet under the circumstances she would have preferred, Janet clearly did not judge Eve from their unfortunate first encounter. Good lookin’ out Ms. Jackson!