Ever Seen The Lady Who Sang ‘Make It Last 4Ever’ w/KeithSweat? Found Her!

Posted On : April 14, 2016

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For years we’ve been singing along to Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever,” and every time it came on the radio we everybody was like “Awww, that’s my jam!” but about 80% of us who loved the song, have never ever seen the female singer with the powerful voice who was singing with Keith. So after one of our ILOSM family members (shout out to Tanya J.) asked us about the female singer on that song, we decided to do some diggin’ like we always do and we came up with some interesting info about singer, Jacci McGhee.

Now we can finally put a face to the beautiful voice on a song that that will forever be etched in the hearts of usĀ 80’s R&B music lovers. Meet the woman who KILLED IT on “Make It Last Forever”…


JACCI MCGHEE NOW Jacci is still putting her beautiful voice to good use. After the success of Make It Last Forever, she released a solo project of her own and then she went on to sing background for the rock group, Toto. She also sang the hook for Salt N' Pepa's hit song, "Expression." Nowadays she still singing and she is also a self proclaimed "wig lover/wig stylist/cosmetology graduate/lover of glamour!"

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