Ever Seen Ronnie DeVoe’s Rarely-Seen Twin Brothers? We Found Them

Posted On : November 29, 2022
Ronnie DeVoe

Now that most of us, New Edition fans, have seen their BET biopic, we’re pretty familiar with the youngin’ who portrayed Ronnie DeVoe’s brother, Roland DeVoe (Ace Hunt) in the movie. He was kid in the scene who laughed hysterically at ‘young Ronnie’ (Myles Truitt) as he danced in the mirror, trying to get his moves right for his N.E.  audition. What some may not know though, is that Ronnie’s younger brother, Roland, is actually an identical twin to their other brother, Rob DeVoe. We were curious to see who Ronnie’s REAL twin brothers were, and after doing a lil’ digging on his very rarely-seen twin brothers, we finally found them.


Ronnie DeVoe’s twin brothers, Rob and Roland DeVoe

Meet Ronnie DeVoe’s twin brothers, Rob and Roland DeVoe. The photo above is from 2007 and like we mentioned earlier, they’re identical, so we can’t decipher which one is which in that pic. But in the 2017 photo below, we know that’s Robert DeVoe. How so? Because Ronnie said it in his caption as he and Rob were giving us the classic ’90s jailhouse pose’ next to the New Edition Hollywood Walk of Fame star…

Ronnie DeVoe with his brother RobDeVoe (who’s also an identical twin to their other brother, Roland DeVoe)

Make some noise if you, like some of us here at ILOSM, are guilty of doing that Old School jailhouse pose in some of your throwback pics too. Anyways, Rob and Roland pretty much live life away from the public’s eye, so we don’t know much about them, but we have found a few more tidbits of info: They’re both married and Roland has a grown son who likes to hang out with his famous uncle Ronnie sometimes. Check him out below


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.03.42 PM
Ronnie DeVoe and his nephew, Roland (via Instagram)

Ronnie couldn’t be more proud of his nephew, Roland DeVoe Jr. The photo above is of Roland Jr. chillin’ with his Unc’ after N.E. got their star; and as you can see, nephew is proud of his pops’ brother as well. Speaking of Ronnie’s twin brothers, see what Ronnie recently revealed about what his brother, Robert, did during a major fallout with some of the New Edition members…


As we all know by now, New Edition members are often beefin’ like an old married couple, except their beef was on steroids…lasting decades, off and on. During an interview with The Breakfast Club,  Ronnie revealed what happened days before that now-infamous “Home Again” concert ,where BBD had to bum-rush the stage and damn near yank Bobby Brown off of it, as referenced in their biopic. Ronnie said he had an emergency a few days before that incident and was unable to perform. So Michael Bivins  refused to perform BBD songs without Ron, but Ricky Bell disagreed with Mike’s decision, admitting he was like, ‘F– that, I’m going make my paper.’ What ended up happening was that Ronnie’s brother, Robert (who was on the road with them), dressed up as Ronnie and went out on stage with Ricky as BBD, the duo, because Mike refused to do it! HILARIOUS! Maaaaan, I wish I would have been a fly on the wall that day! Check it out in the video above, they start talking about this at the 3:28 mark.