Everybody’s Taking About Dwayne Wade, But His Youthful Father Is Making The Ladies Lose It

Posted On : October 3, 2019

Meet Dwayne Wade Sr…

Dwayne Wade’s father (pictured below), has many doing double takes. Why? Not only because he looks more like D. Wade’s big brother, but can y’all believe the man is 62 years old?!! To say ‘time has been on Wade Sr.’s side’ is an understatement.

Left photo: Dwayne Wade Sr.; Right photo: Dwayne Wade Jr (L) with his father, Wade Sr. (R) [via Instagram]
 After discovering the photos of Wade’s Pops, we also discovered that ladies left several “Hey zaddy” and “Yaaasssss” comments for Wade Sr..

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Just wait on it September 4th.

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However, D. Wade revealed that his Father is taken, when he shared an Instagram photo of himself and Gabrielle Union, partying it up with his Dad and his wife. Part of his caption caption read, “We good over here.”

Even though some ladies may be a tad disappointed that Wade Sr. is taken, they are still equally happy that like his son, he too is with an African American woman. Not that anything is wrong with interracial dating, but let’s be real, when it comes to many Black men of power and wealth, they tend to have a sudden change in their tastes in women after acquiring a certain level of success…apparently. Therefore, many fans found it refreshing that the Wade men stayed true to themselves and their tastes.

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