EW&F’s Verdine White Is A Twin & Even His OTHER Sister Looks EXACTLY Like Him!

Posted On : July 26, 2015

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Did y’all know Verdine White, of Earth Wind, & Fire, had a twin sister? They celebrated their birthday yesterday (July 25th). He and his twin do resemble each other, but it is his other sister who looks a lot like him. Everything from the hair, their face, their smiles, resemble one another.

verdine white and sisters niece nephew and brother in law
Top Pic: Verdine with his sisters; Bottom pic: Verdine with his sisters, brother-in-law, nephew and niece

See what we mean? The top pic is a photo of Verdine with his sisters. His twin, Geraldine, is on the far right (in the top pic), but his sister on the immediate left of him looks exactly like Verdine. Don’t you agree?
a1 ewf now

As you probably already know, Verdine White is the brother of his band mate, and founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Maurice White (pictured 3rd in above pic), as well as the brother EW&F member, Fred White (second from left in below photo). Their parents had a total of 10 children! That’s a whole lot of people in one house!
verdine and ALL of his sisters and brothers
Their father was a doctor and Verdine recently paid homage to him by posting this pic on Facebook.
verdine parentsVerdine also sent a birthday shout-out to his twin sis, Geraldine…
verdine whites bd wish to his twin sister gerri holmesverdine caption3