Ex Bad Boy Rapper, Shyne, Stuns Many With His Powerful, Iconic Dad & Beautiful Daughter

Posted On : May 23, 2019

Former Bad Boy Records rapper, Shyne [Instagram]

ILOSM family, remember when rapper, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, set the music game ablaze when he debuted his 2000 self-titled album in 2000 and reignited Bad Boy records? His hit single, “Bad Boyz,” was blowing up the airwaves and for a minute, it seemed like Shyne was gonna put the whole East Coast back on the map, during the era of Southern dominance in hip hop, with the emergence of Cash Money Records and Juvenile, as well as Master P’s No Limit Records.

Unfortunately, after Shyne’s 10 year incarceration, following that infamous New York nightclub shooting that he, Bad Boy Records CEO, Sean Diddy Combs, and Jennifer Lopez were engulfed in in 1999, Shyne’s rap ambitions came to an end. He was deported back to his homeland of Central American country of Belize, where he still resides today

Now, Shyne has made a 180 degree change in his life. He’s a proud family man and devoted dad to his precious little girl. He’s also hella proud of the historical accomplishments his Pops has made, along with the rest of their highly influential family, that most of his fans were unaware of.

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