Ex Cop Details Prior ‘Murder Hit’ Ordered On Bobby Brown’s Life & How Suge Knight Helped Him

Posted On : June 24, 2019

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Here’s an Old School fun fact, about Bobby Brown and Suge Knight, that most fans have never known. It isn’t the fact that pre-Death Row era, Suge was Bobby’s bodyguard, during his “My Prerogative” days. Although we do recognize that may be news to some- and if so, you’re welcome family. What we’re here to discuss today though, is what was new news to some of us, here at I Love Old School Music, and that’s the fact that Bobby once had a hit placed on him, before Suge stepped up to save the day.

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The details have now been confirmed by a former cop who worked for Suge Knight. One who’s also currently facing up to 3 years behind bars after pleading guilty for an unrelated charge, but that’s a whole ‘notha story. For now, let us share what the ex-cop said about the time Bobby had crazy danger looming over his life, during height of his career.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, ex-LAPD officer, Reggie White Jr., broke down the story of how Bobby’s past issue sparked a murder hit against him, and how Suge resolved the situation.

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