Ex-Cop Says Prior ‘Hit’ Was Once Ordered On Bobby Brown’s Life, But Suge Knight Saved Him

Posted On : April 8, 2022
(inset photo) Bobby Brown; (R) ex-LAPD officer, Reggie White Jr.

Here’s an Old School fun fact, about Bobby Brown and Suge Knight, that most fans have never known. It isn’t the fact that pre-Death Row era, Suge was Bobby’s bodyguard, during his “My Prerogative” days. Although we do recognize that may be news to some- and if so, you’re welcome family. What we’re here to discuss today though, is what was new news to some of us, here at I Love Old School Music, and that’s the fact that Bobby once had a hit placed on him, before Suge stepped up to save the day.

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The details have now been confirmed by a former cop who worked for Suge Knight. One who’s also currently facing up to 3 years behind bars after pleading guilty for an unrelated charge, but that’s a whole ‘notha story. For now, let us share what the ex-cop said about the time Bobby had crazy danger looming over his life, during height of his career.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, ex-LAPD officer, Reggie White Jr., broke down the story of how Bobby’s past issue sparked a murder hit against him, and how Suge resolved the situation.

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Ex-Cop Claims It All Started Over Bobby’s ‘Drug Debt’…
During Reggie White Jr.’s  interview (see video below), Vlad pointed out that when Suge Knight was working as Bobby Brown’s bodyguard in the late 1980’s, some gangstas put a hit out on the New edition member regarding a non-payment of his then hefty cocaine purchase. Apparently, Bobby did not keep up with his bill and the drug dealer he purchased it from was ready to take the situation to the streets by placing a bounty on Bobby’s head. When asked about who put the hit out on Bobby at that time,  Reggie Jr. stated:

“Correct…some dudes from L.A. … But Bobby was on that- snorting that stuff- and he owed some drug money, some street money to somebody and Suge went and talked to the dudes and it (the ordered hit on Bobby) went away.”

Ex-Cop, Reggie White Jr., Believes Promotor, Al Haymon, Helped Bobby Escape Hit Too…

Reggie Jr. also confirmed that the hit was placed on Bobby while he was touring on an the infamous tour that also featured  Al B. Sure. He said the tour’s legendary promotor, Al Haymon, likely collaborated with Suge, to help get Bobby’s situation resolve and continue a successful tour run:

“Knowing Suge and Al Hayman, they may have even gave them some money. It wasn’t like, he called and apologized, LOL…you know. Everybody got gangstas! And if you in the game like that, you got some hitters with you. That’s how the story goes.”

Disrespect Weighed More Than Bobby’s ‘Drug Debt’…
When asked why someone of Bobby’s stature (at that time) wouldn’t pay back $10K-50K cocaine bill at most (which was chump change to Bobby back then), Reggie Jr. suggested that it may not have been that Bobby didn’t wanna pay it at all, but that he didn’t pay it on time. Thus, leading to the dealer feeling “disrespected” and wanting to teach him a lesson:

“Sometimes people don’t want your money, it’s about the respect. Sometimes ‘You done dissed me enough, to where I gotta do this to you’,” said Reggie White Jr.

Reggie Jr. then explained that Suge Knight was considered their “problem solver” and referred to the imprisoned Death Row CEO as “our modern day Ray Donovan.”

Not sure about Suge being everybody’s “problem solver,” but luckily for Bobby B., Suge sure did solve a helluva MAJOR problem that day!