Ex DruHill Member Reveals Their Violent Incident Was FAKE Publicity Stunt

Posted On : July 5, 2016


Dru Hill has had some conflicts among themselves that they typically kept under wraps from public view. It wasn’t until video surfaced online of Dru Hill having an all out brawl live on air at a radio station that folks realized things had just got REAL among the members. After getting kicked out of the group, fifth member, Rufus “Scola”Waller, has now revealed the REAL truth behind the group’s fight, which we’re pretty sure Dru Hill probably didn’t want the public to know…


After Dru Hill split up between 1999 and 2002, they attempted to reunite in 2008. Everything seemed to be on the up and up, but then all hell broke lose and it all started with original member, Woody's, religious ambitions. After Dru Hill had great success in the late 90's, Woody left to pursue a gospel career and then he left again in 2008 when he surprised the other members live on air, during their radio interview, with his announcement that he was leaving to rekindle his gospel roots. That's when Sisqo stormed out of the station and Niko and Woody started fighting, creating one big, sloppy spectacle that thoroughly entertained all of us watching. BUT SEE WHAT EX MEMBER, SCOLA, REVEALED ABOUT THE FIGHT THOUGH...

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