EX-GIRLFRIENDS Of Stevie Wonder Spill Details On What He Did To Get Them!

Posted On : January 10, 2017

We all know by now that the legendary Stevie Wonder loves the ladies. C’mon now, with nine kids (ranging in age from 2 to 42) by five women, how could he not, right? Well based on what Stevie’s exes and friends had to say, we learned some interesting things about how Stevie lays his mack down to the ladies and also how he chooses them, although he can’t see them…


stevie-blog-pic Although Stevie was a ladies man, he apparently had fantasies of being a family man too.

Via Page Six: Another ex-girlfriend, who dated the singer for nearly five years, said Wonder wooed her by repeatedly showing up at church, even staying late, stealing her heart by giving piano lessons and turning gospel songs into love songs.
“He’d change the words and insert my name and his name in there and he’d even talk about what he thought would be good baby names and how he’d buy the most fabulous of houses and how he knew I could help him to take care of himself and do his heart right,” she said. “So, naturally, it wasn’t hard to fall for.”
Alright Stevie! Do your thing playa!
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