Ex-Manager Of Brian McKnight & Ne-Yo Forced To Pay Millions, Sent To Prison For Doing ‘Em Dirty

Posted On : May 22, 2019

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R&B legend, Brian McKnight, and singer, Ne-Yo, received some great news recently, after gettin’ GOT by their former business manager. As far as the news that their ex-manager received, well…let’s just say it’s on the opposite end of great.

A man, by the name of Kevin Foster, was once the manager of McKnight and Ne-Yo, and according to reports, he was recently busted for jackin’ millions from Ne-Yo and hundreds of thousands of dollars from McKnight. As a result, Foster not only received a lengthy prison sentence for those two crimes and others, but a judge is now forcing Foster to pay the two singers their money back ASAP, according to The Blast:

Kevin Foster, the former business manager for Ne-Yo and Brian McKnight, has been ordered to pay restitution for his financial crimes. The judge awarded Ne-Yo a total of $6,456,250 and McKnight will be paid $151,675.

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The restitution that Foster has now been ordered to pay back, comes after he was sentenced in New Jersey for several crimes, such as money laundering and wire fraud:

Via The Blast- Foster was accused of getting Ne-Yo to invest millions in a sports drink company under “false pretenses,” and then took millions more from the singer without telling him.

It’s unclear how Foster was caught stickin’ Brian McKnight for his paper, but thankfully he, too, will be getting his money back.

Meanwhile, the two singers’ ex-manager has now been sentenced to nearly 7 and a half years (89 months) in prison after being found guilty.

Dayumn! Just like the Old School saying goes- ‘crime doesn’t pay.’