Exclusive: Howard Hewett Tells What Thirsty Christian Groupies Do In The Name Of The Lord

Posted On : February 20, 2021
Howard Hewett

Listen up ILOSM family: There is such a thing as in Christian groupies versus R&B groupies…at least, according to Shalamar member and “Say Amen” crooner, Howard Hewett. During the pre-COVID era, Howard sat down exclusively with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, and broke down the differences between what he’s encountered with groupies in both industries; as well as if he’s ever gotten busy with any of ’em…


*SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO* Howard Hewett tried his hardest to be polite about his experiences with groupies and such, but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is…and that’s what he ultimately did. When asked whether or not he, as a newly engaged man, still gets tested by groupies, Howard (65), said ‘yes’ and that pretty much no environment is groupie-free for entertainers. He also said his fiancee’ understands.

Seeing him break down the differences between the Christian groupies sitting in the church and the R&B groupies bumpin’ n’ grindin’ at his shows was interesting I must admit. He also touched on pastors who fly high class on private jets and a few other topics, including if whether or not he, as a Christian man, breaks a very prominent Christian principle.

Watch his interview and just like Howard’s hit suggests, “Say Amen,” if you agree with what he’s saying. Okay, I know that was a cheesy song reference, but hey, it’s one of my favorite Howard Hewett joints, so…had to throw it in here somehow. Anywho, check out Howard’s ILOSM interview up top.