Exclusive: Peabo Bryson Tells How He Keeps Young Wife Stimulated & How Aretha Helped Them

Posted On : September 28, 2018

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The legendary Peabo Bryson is indirectly responsible for the births of many. His his baby making hits, like “Baby Can You Stop The Rain, “Feel The Fire,” “I’m So Into You,” “Tonight I Celebrate My Love,” and SO many more are to blame. We all know his timeless classics, but what many may not know, is that at 67 years young, the brotha is out here having a lil’ baby making fun of his own and lovin’ life with his beautiful wife and 9 month old son.

In an exclusive interview with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, Peabo chopped it up about all of that, including how Aretha helped him find his 37 year old wife, and his fire new album (produce by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) and how he keeps his woman stimulated…plus more…

Why He Waited To Get Married & What Aretha Franklin Had To Do With It

Peabo first wanted to clear up one misconception about his good friend, Aretha, and the ‘diva-tude’ she was so often known for: “She was not a ruthless person or hurtful person. BUT if you got on the other side of that, you truly grabbed a bull by the horns.”

He then revealed that Aretha, oftentimes guided him through his journey of finding true love:

“I wouldn’t even be married now if it wasn’t encouraged by Aretha. … She knows what love is because it’s the one thing that’s eluded her into her life. Now, all she wanted in this life was the one thing that ALL of us want at the end of the day- it’s just to be loved for who we are and not what we do…not what we can do for you…just for WHO we are.

She encouraged me to wait that out, to have patience enough…to not give up faith that I would find the person that I was looking for. And when I did, I was 56 at the time… So, that’s a long time period to wait for something.”

He continued:

“[It’s] my first and only [marriage], because my main thing has always been that I was gonna only do it one time.”

The fact that he and his wife share the same musical passion, helps them also understand each other better. FYI: Tanya’s a British native (half African and half European-British), who’s in a successful British female band called, 411.

On How He Keeps His Marriage Spicy

Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface-Bryson [Instagram]

Peabo Bryson: “Traditional male and female roles are a thing of the past, if you really want a relationship to work. You gotta be willing to play all of the parts. I don’t mind getting up with the little boy, I don’t mind changing diapers, I love cooking, it relaxes me.”

He says that “the only solid foundation in ANY relationship, has to began with friendship,” stating that if one is basing it off of beauty or looks then it will fizzle before it barely starts. However, just because there’s a 30 year age difference between Peabo and his wife, Tanya Boniface-Bryson, don’t get it twisted, the R&B vet’ knows how to keep her pleased in every way. In addition to friendship, Peabo says he and his wife stimulate each other sexually and mentally:

“Here’s the thing, you still gotta ring my bell [sexually], but if you can’t talk to me about it, before, in between, and after, LOL…then…some portion is gonna be empty.”

“Keep the mystery alive- the mystery of who you are and what you are, because we’re always evolving, are we not? At least, I’d like to hope so…So, as you’re evolving, you need to introduce that to your significant other.”

Examples of how Peabo and Tanya keep the mystery alive:

“If I came home one day sitting in the same chair, eating the same sandwich, watching the same program…then I’m boring. But if y wife came home and I’m in the kitchen wearing nothing but a British flag and an apron, LOL…then” Peabo says he’s not boring. “Or if I come home and my wife is wearing a catsuit with some red bottoms, LOL…then AYYYYE!!!”

He continued:

“Or if I come home one day and my wife says lets go to the….museum tomorrow…such and such from Picasso is in town,” then he’s all for that too, because it’s unpredictable yet still stimulating mentally.

Bryson’s advice to men in relationships or looking to get into one:

“Play the role that’s available for you to play and don’t sit around waiting on the woman to do what you consider as ‘woman’s work.'”

His ‘Granddaughter Assisting With Raising Her Uncle…LOL’


The “Beauty & The Beast” crooner credits his 9 month old son, Robert, with keeping to keep him active at 67 years young:

“Listen, I’ve been up since 6:30 this morning. […] He’s scooting across the floor and crawling around and pulling up on everything…and RUNNING around in the walker, not walking [in it] anymore, he’s running in the walker. … So I give him about 30 more days, he’ll be up and walking.”

He also joked about the age difference between his 20-something year old granddaughter and his son:

“As I do this interview, my granddaughter’s in there raising her uncle, LOL.”

Working With Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis For New “Stand For Love” Album

Peabo Bryson’s new album, “Stand For Love” [Photo courtesy of Peabo Bryson]

Peabo’s album was produced by the legendary hit making duo, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and his single, was featured on the hit Showtime, series, The Chi. Here’s what the legend had to say about working with Jimmy and Terry:

“I’m living the dream at this particular point. I have music out that is relevant…I have Jimmy and Terry to thank for that, for allowing such a collaboration. They’re two of the finest human beings I’ve ever met…two of the most talented dudes on the planet.”


Be sure to get your copy of Stand For Love, available everywhere- in stores and online, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and more.

The way Peabo has remained so down to earth and humble all of these years is simple:

“I believe that one should never treat a person in a way that they don’t wanna be treated and never ever stop buying your own toilet paper.”

Well said Peabo…well said.

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