After Breaking Up With Stevie J, Faith Evans Reveals The 1 Thing She Hated About Him

Posted On : March 11, 2017

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For a short period of time, Faith Evans and Stevie J. were really a thing – romantically involved. But, apparently, the romantic spark was short-lived. Although the two have been friends for years, unfortunately, they couldn’t make things work, romantically. In less than a year, the former Bad Boy Records first lady and the famed hitmaker decided to part ways. Now, Faith Evans is sharing details about the breakup and the one thing she actually didn’t like about Stevie.


The Breakfast Club:

Faith was a guest on the hit radio show The Breakfast Club earlier this week. The famed singer/reality TV star discussed a number of topics. From her music career to upcoming endeavors Faith talked about pretty much everything. So, it was no surprise she was asked about her relationship with Stevie. When asked was he still her man, Faith dropped an unexpected bomb. Although most fans probably thought the love affair to be short-lived, Faith just confirmed the split and ended all speculation.

“He’s not anymore,” Faith told Charlamagne tha God.

Check out the clip of Faith’s interview on The Breakfast Club:

What Faith Hated:

Faith Evans went on to reveal the one thing she hated about Stevie J. Apparently, Stevie’s drama was just too much for Faith. During the interview, she shared details about the evolution of the relationship. Despite their friendship of more than 10 years, Stevie insisted they take things to the next level.

“I never took Stevie serious actually,” said Faith. “I think probably in the last 10 years, I would say, is he trying to flirt? Lets go. But I never saw him like that. I have always had plenty of male friends. Never dated any of them. I was just really cool like that. I think I really should have been a boy or something. But I’m just cool with dudes. I would check on him, just hear if he was going through stuff and find out how to get in touch with him….[I was] Just really sincerely his friend.”


But after lots of convincing, she decided to give him a chance.

“He just really convinced me that he really wanted to be in a relationship and convinced me that there was no one else in his life,” Faith explained.

However, she wasn’t for the drama that came with Stevie. “I don’t know what made me even finally say okay, but he convinced me, I ain’t even gonna lie,” said Faith. “You know, I’m like, ‘you know I’m not about all the craziness. If I’m going to be in a relationship, it’s gotta be a serious one.”

“I just don’t like the drama and I think he might be a little bit addicted to the drama,” she said.

So, that about sums it up. With everything that’s happened on Love and Hip Hop, Faith may actually be right. Stevie could really be addicted to drama. Unfortunately, it looks like he’d have to decide between love and drama and, apparently, drama wins with Stevie.