Faith Recalls Her ‘Multiple’ Physical Altercations With Lil Kim Over Husband Biggie

Posted On : July 9, 2019

Lil’ Kim Refused To Speak To Faith For YEARS

Faith said that she was over her Lil Kim-Biggie beef YEARS ago and later tried to do a song with Kim. However, Kim was far from over it. More recently, when Kim was on Dancing With The Stars, Faith ran into her and tried to give her congrats, but Kim still wasn’t over their 90’s beef, because Faith said Kim acted like “she didn’t know me.” But Faith says she understands that everyone has to get to that space of forgiveness at their own pace.

Mended Fences

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(via Lil Kim’s Instagram)

Lil Kim and Faith have finally made amends and in 2017, planned to release a duet love song about Biggie on Faith and Biggie’s duets album, The King & I. Faith said never in a million years did she think she and Kim would be at this space, nor be releasing a record together about the love of BOTH of their lives- BIGGIE. But she said that she kept it real with Kim and told her that she wanted her to be as honest as possible on the song, about how much she loved B.I.G. and the pain they may have went through during the time he was dating her, while married to Faith. According to Faith, Biggie would be very proud of both of them for squashing their beef once and for all.

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