Faith Shows New Body In New Steamy Video With Stevie J. After Surprise Marriage

Posted On : July 30, 2018

Stevie J. and Faith Evans not only shocked fans with their marriage, but they also shocked the people closest to them. As news surfaced that the  “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” playboy married the former queen of Bad Boy records, many people thought that it was a joke. However, upon dropping their marriage announcement, the couple have been proudly declaring their love for one another all over social media. Recently, the newlywed couple released a steamy music video for their song, ” A Minute.” While the song is fire, the video is smoking hot! *Scroll down for video*

Song Inspired By Their Lightening Speed Love:

Despite their 20 year friendship, their newfound love seemed to just come out of the blue and their marriage was reportedly a surprise to their family and friends. However, Stevie J. and Faith want people to know that it only takes “a minute” to fall in love. In short, their new joint, titled “A Minute,” explains their relationship and in it, Faith acknowledges that Stevie has made mistakes in the past. Despite his televised, self-proclaimed “sleeze ball” ways, Faith loves him and he’s apparently always had her back.

Here’s What Faith Had To Say In The Song:

“Lately, I been thinkin’ you could be my baby/ Everybody thinkin’ we both crazy/ You crossed the line, so many times/ But you’ve always been there for me”

It’s hard to deny that Faith and Stevie J have chemistry. Before the full video for their song was released, Stevie dropped a teaser on Instagram to let fans know that he and Faith were letting their sexual guards down in this one.

(VIDEO) Faith & Stevie J’s Shower Scene & Dry Humpin’ In New Music Video:

While some people may have thought the relationship between Stevie J. and Faith was staged, the newlyweds are here to let fans know that their love is real. In their music video, directed by Derek Blanks, it begins with Faith and Stevie discussing their relationship, as they flirt with one another. Then the video goes in another direction, as we see a sultry Faith dressed in black lingerie, showing off her new body. The couple playfully interacts in the bedroom, with a shirtless Stevie J. dry humpin’ his new bride, while rockin’ a durag. Their shower scene is tastefully done, but it does make one think of Mimi Faust -Stevie J.’s ex and baby mama- and her infamous adult film shower scene. Anywho, at the end of Stevie’s and Faith’s video, the duo surprises a group of friends with a kiss, as the scene fades to black, with the words, “to be continued.”

Could that last line indicate that they’re taking their love to the small screen? The couple posted a picture of “Love & Hip Hop” creator, Mona Scott-Young, which many now believe is an implication that a new ‘Jordans’ show is in the making.

What do you think about the song and music video? Are y’all feelin’ their collaboration or nah?