‘Family Matters’ Jaleel White Sadly Breaks Down Over Deceased Co-star Michelle Thomas

Posted On : August 8, 2017
(L-R): Michelle Thomas as “Myra Monkhouse”; Jaleel White as “Steve Urkel”; and Kellie Shanygne Williams as “Laura Winslow” on ‘Family Matters’

Throughout the 90’s, Family Matters dominated Friday nights on ABC. The show was filled with fond memories that most fans will probably never forget. Of course, most Family Matters fans remember “Steve Urkel’s” fascination with “Laura Winslow” and how his special bond with the ‘Winslow family’ was one of the most memorable dynamics of the show. But most will probably agree that his relationship with the beautiful “Myra Monkhouse” – portrayed by actress, Michelle Thomas -was just as special.

Although it seemed like “Urkel” and “Myra” were two peas in a pod who’d live happily ever after, sadly, life didn’t pan out the way most would have expected for the beloved Michelle Thomas. In 1998, Michelle passed away shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. To this day, her death is still unbelievable to lots of fans, and apparently, it still hits home for Jaleel White.

Jaleel Moved To Tear Over Deceased Co-Star, Michelle Thomas:

Jaleel recently appeared on the show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. If you haven’t seen the show, it captures moments where Henry showcases his alleged psychic capabilities. On the show, Jaleel sat down for a reading with Tyler Henry. What was touching was not so much that Henry supposedly cosmically connected with Michelle in the afterlife, it was because of the evident connection and pain Jaleel still feels to this day, after losing his beautiful friend/co-worker, Michelle Thomas. So much so that Jaleel was brought to tears…

“I’m looking at what looks like E and then L-L-E is the only way to describe it,” Tyler shared. “You got to be messing with me, dog. Come on, man. You’ve got to be Googling this stuff before you come in here.” Jaleel said dumbfounded.

“Who is that?” Tyler questioned. “September birthday, sudden passing, E-L-L-E…No Google?”

But Jaleel wouldn’t give in. He assumed Henry had done research to know a bit more about him, so he’d know what to say. Then the 21-year-old psychic claimed that he didn’t even know who Jaleel White a.k.a. “Urkel” is…even though the basis of his show is centered around featuring well known celebs:

“This is embarrassing, I don’t even recognize you,” Tyler stated to Jaleel.

Jaleel seemed to then believe Henry, based on what happened next:

“Don’t worry about that part. We’ll talk about that part later. It gives me joy that you don’t know who I am.” Then Jaleel broke down. “You’re talking about Michelle Thomas. She was my old co-star from Family Matters and she died from stomach cancer quickly. She had a lot of friends in the music industry.” he explained.

Still baffled, Jaleel went on to share more details about Michelle. “Come on, man. You’ve got to be Googling stuff. This is crazy. Her birthday is September 23, 1968,” Jaleel revealed.

I must admit that I understand Jaleel’s Googling suspicions about psychic medium, Tyler Henry. In my opinion, Google appears to be Henry’s best friend, because everything he told Jaleel about Michelle is easily verifiable on Google…but I digress. Point is! Jaleel sincerely misses Michelle Thomas, which is evident in his emotional video, check it out below…

Michelle Thomas’ Untimely Passing:

In August of 1997, Michelle Thomas’ life was forever changed when she was diagnosed with intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor, a rare form of stomach cancer.

Michelle Thomas

In the spring of 1998, she underwent surgery to have the lemon-sized tumor removed shortly before she landed a role on The Young and The Restless. In October of that year, she underwent a second surgery to have another growth removed. She flew home to spend Thanksgiving with family, but unfortunately, that was her last holiday alive. On December 22, 1998, she passed away, surrounded by friends and family in New York City, including her then long-time boyfriend/Cosby Show actor, Malcolm Jamal Warner (“Theo”). She was just 30 years old.

May Michelle Thomas continue to rest peacefully. Gone way too soon, but never forgotten.