Jamie Foxx’s Family Claimed He Turned His Back When They Needed Him Most

Posted On : September 30, 2017
Jamie Foxx with his cousin, Veronica Bradford, in June 2017.

Eric Marlon Bishop a.k.a. Jamie Foxx, is a man of many talents- an actor, singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and comedian. He’s even the host and executive producer of his new Fox game show, Beat Shazam. Unfortunately though, to a few of his family members, he’s a selfish man when it comes to helping them.

Why Foxx’s Aunt & Cousin Angry With Him

Foxx’s cousins: JJ with his mother, Veronica Bradford, in July 2017, before his horrifying accident.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Jamie Foxx’s aunt, Veronica Fannin, slammed him for allegedly abandoning his family when they need him the most. Fannin claims that Jamie won’t help her grandson, JJ, with a $5,000 medical bill. Fannin’s grandson (Jamie’s cousin), Jeffrey Todd Gilmore Jr. or ‘JJ,’ was in a horrific car accident that ejected him from a car, causing him to have a broken spine which left him paralyzed. The car accident apparently occurred on Christmas Eve 2016, with Gilmore Jr.’s children in the vehicle. Thankfully, they were unharmed.

Because they’ve been unable to reach Jamie, Fannin says they had no choice but to create a Go Fund Me page. With a goal of $6,000, at the time of their interview, the family had only raised $590. The page was created by JJ’s mother, Veronica Bradford (Veronica Fannin’s daughter). Bradford shared that before the accident, her son was an excellent provider for his family. However, he doesn’t have medical insurance and he’s unable to work. JJ’s mother and grandmother are hopeful that with therapy,  JJ will be able to walk again, but they need the money.

Jamie allegedly knows JJ and invited his entire Texas the family  to his house in California last July.

Claims Other Family Members  On Jamie’s Side

Fannin told Daily Mail that she tried to contact Foxx through his stepfather and other family members, but Jamie had not returned her calls at that time. She also shared that none of the family members will give her Jamie’s number. Despite her cries, she reportedly heard nothing from Jamie. Fannin was also upset that she had not met Jamie’s girlfriend/actress, Katie Holmes, yet.

“We’ve been reaching out to Jamie since December through his step-dad and other family members, but we’ve heard nothing,” she told Daily Mail. “Nobody will give me his number. I don’t know what to do.”

Family: “Fame Changes People”

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Both ladies were fuming that Jamie allegedly had been ignoring them and they believe that he’s aware of JJ’s medical condition. According to them, fame and wealth has caused Jamie to change:

“Jamie knows JJ, the whole family went to his house in California last July, but fame changes people,” Veronica Fannin stated. “I heard about him dating Katie Holmes, I haven’t met her. I see him on TV, but he doesn’t get in touch anymore. He must know about the situation we are in. I am angry, I wish he would help out.”

Just like the Old School saying goes, ‘there are always three sides to every story’- their side, his side, and the truth. At this point we haven’t heard Jamie’s side, but no matter where the truth lies, hopefully his cousin has gotten and/or will get the medical help he needs.