Famous Musician Accuses R&B Singer Tank Of Doing Him Dirty, Slaps Him With Lawsuit

Posted On : May 16, 2018

It looks like singer, Tank, may have some explainin’ to do and some money to shell out, if one musician has his way.  Reports have detailed the reasons for a new lawsuit and both versions of the song in question are now circulating on media sites. After hearing both versions, you’ll probably agree that somethin’ in the buttermilk don’t seem clean.

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The Lawsuit:

It has been reported that Tank -whose real name is Durrell Babbs – has been accused of jackin’ music. But not only that, Tank’s producer, Johnnie Newt, known as J. Valentine, and Atlantic Records have also been included in the suit.

Popular Black Eyed Peas musician, Kerry Marshall – widely known as Kerry 2Smooth – is described as an “a artist developer, producer, and member of the recording academy.” According to The Jasmine Brand, Marshall alleges that the song “Only One,” on Tank’s latest album, “Savage” is the song in question. The Black Eyed Peas lead guitarist explained how he has a YouTube channel that consists of an instructional catalogue of some of his music. In one video, he played several R&B chords and riffs as part of a lesson to help other musicians perfect their skills. One of the videos featured the chords and riffs that were used in Tank’s song. It’s also important to note that Marshall’s video was uploaded long before Tank’s song and album was released.

Marshall argues that the riffs and chords are nearly identical to the ones he played in his video. In the lawsuit, he alleges that Tank and his production team copied “key structural elements, themes and motifs from his song.”

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You Be The Judge:

Of course, listeners will probably have an array of different opinions about the two songs, but you can check both of them out for yourself. The first clip is Marshall’s instructional video, which was uploaded to YouTube on October 17, 2014. The second video features the official audio from Tank’s new song. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that somethin’ isn’t right. You’ll hear the similarities in the first five seconds of both clips.

Check both of em out:

The Damages:

Marshall is reportedly seeking approximately $150,000 in damages per infringement and attorney fees. Now, that the lawsuit has been reported, Marshall’s video is circulating on social media. Needless to say, fans are definitely givin’ the singer the side eye. Of course, most people still love his album, but the latest developments have raised questions. Fans have taken to social media to share their opinions of Marshall’s video. Many people agree there’s no denying that the music is stolen. “Dang they didn’t even try to change it up one bit. It actually sounds like they straight used his music off the video. Wow!..” the person commented. Another person agreed, “Damn, Tank and them lifted that shit straight from dude’s video!”

Another person admitted although they love the song, it definitely appears to be a stolen piece of work. “Yep they Def jacked it. I loved this track on the album too. Since their both part of ASCAP, BMI community Atlantic or the producer Def gonna pay up.”

What do you think about the two videos? Does it look like Tank has some explainin’ to do? Share your thoughts.