Fans Are Laughing At Mariah’s Awkward Performance Video & Here’s Why…

Posted On : July 17, 2017
Mariah Carey (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

We love us some Mariah Carey, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic. She’s a helluva singer and her diva-like persona is always entertaining. So with that said, let us show you all why folks are getting a good chuckle off of her this Monday.

Ms. Carey has never been one to break a sweat on stage…that’s a task she leaves up to her dancers. BUT, at some point in a live show on a Las Vegas strip, one must put forth a little effort to keep the crowd hype.

Welp, people, guess what? In a recent performance that has just surfaced online, Ms. Carey made it clear that she was just NOT in the mood to move all that much, therefore, she didn’t. However, she did move, it was minimalism at it’s finest. In addition to┬áthat, y’all know fans weren’t gonna let that ride, so they were quick to point out the awkwardness in her choreographed movements with her male dancers, who had to lift and sway her to and fro.

Watch Mariah’s Awkward Performance

If you need a slight chuckle to make your Monday work day go by a tad bit more joyously, check out Mariah’s entertaining clip below…

Fans React To Mariah’s Effortless Dance Routine

Like we said earlier, fans got a good laugh from it and were quick to leave comments about ‘Ms. Butterfly’s’ performance…

Via TheShadeRoom


Via TheShadeRoom

Mariah Brings “Dem Babies” On Stage!

On a brighter note, Mariah performed one of her other shows previously and brought she and Nick Cannons kids, whom she affectionately calls “dem babies” out on the stage. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands…

We still love you though Mariah. Next time, just drink a cup of coffee or energy drink, and maybe add about two more practice sessions before you hop in those stilettos and hit the stage next time. That’ll probably help you put some pep in your step. You look good though Ms. Lady!