Fans Relentlessly Clown Denzel Over Photo At Judge Mathis’ 20th Anniversary Party

Posted On : September 14, 2018

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ILOSM family we have some celebratory news for you today…and we also have a tad bit of chuckle-worthy news too. The celebration is in honor of the legendary Judge Greg Mathis, who just reached his 20th anniversary of “The Judge Mathis Show” this week. And uh…the kicks n’ giggles that many fans are currently getting, are compliments of Mathis’ legendary homie, Denzel Washington.

Magic Johnson’s Group Photo Garners Chuckles & Shade At Denzel

Judge Mathis and his family had a small get-together with some of his closest friends for his 20th anniversary party. Among the crowd were Magic Johnson, his wife, Cookie Johnson; Judge Mathis and his wife, Linda Johnson; R&B legend, Keith Washington; Denzel Washington, and more. The joyous event was captured in a group photo that Magic shared to his Instagram page.

Although the celebration was for Judge Mathis and his remarkable accomplishment with his 20 year-long television show, his friend stole the show on social media. What friend, you ask? That would be Denzel and to the Hollywood legend’s credit, it actually looked like the last thing he attempted to do, was ‘steal’ Mathis’ shine…or anyone’s shine for that matter.

The event was a formal one and all of the fellas and ladies came dressed to impress…well, almost ALL. Most of the men were sharp as cactus hair in their designer suits and shoes. Our main man, Denzel, however, came through rockin’ a cotton sweatsuit and a baseball cap with ease! Talk about comfortable, right?

In other words, their group photo was very reminiscent of that infamous “Sesame Street” song lyrics.

“Three of these kids belong together/Three of these kids are kind of the same
But one of these kids is doing his own thing/Now it’s time to play our game…It’s time to play our game.”

Remember that song? Well, if Denzel doesn’t remember it, social media is definitely sending him that message loud and clear. After the photo began to surface online, fans were quick to have a lil’ fun with it, by throwing some shade towards Denzel’s ‘dressed down Friday’ look:

majorpayn****: Denzel’s Uncle levels are at a 1000

andrea.a****: @krystalgrantb**** The fact that he is wearing his tracksuit is hilarious to me.

krystalgrantb****: @andrea.a**** cause he’s old and he doesn’t care

jam7_j****: Dope pic Denzel stay looking low-key.

ms_kalib****: Where’s Denzel ?

mrs_ceo_papar****: I couldn’t find Denzel

dimbod****: I guess they didn’t tell Denzel about the photo OP ??!!

misskelly****: Denzel’s sweatsuit is beyond amazing

hey****: I was really looking hard for Denzel

bellaqui****: I’m mad somebody said they were looking for Denzel for like five mins so was I!!! These comments are going in

hrvyant****: That ain’t my Uncle Denzel

Listen, when you’re worth somewhere between $220- $290 MILLION, sometimes you may feel like, ‘To hell with it…I’m doin’ ME today and wearing this perfectly fine grocery store errand-running sweatsuit to the formal event!’ That’s where Denzel’s head was probably at that evening. Movin’ on to the strange response youngins gave about Keith Washington…

Youngins Get Confused By Keith Washington

In an odd twist of events, there were also a good bit of youngins who couldn’t get over the fact that Keith Washington was NOT just a character on the “Martin” sitcom…Lawd…:

hasina_is****: I was today years old when I found out Keith Washington wasn’t a fiction singer on Martin

jassm****: Keith!!! Keith Washington who song with Gina on “Martin”?!!! Lol

naturally_bo****: Didnt kno Keith Washington was real lmao just thought he was a character on @martinlawrence

queendeme****: I only associate Keith Washington with “Martin”