Fans Confused After Kanye West And Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Wear “White Lives Matter” Shirts

Posted On : October 3, 2022
Kanye West; Lauryn Hill

Approximately 24 years ago (1998) Lauryn Hill rapped the lyrics, “It’s silly when girls sell their souls because it’s in.” And right about now, fans can only imagine if those same thoughts are on her mind regarding her 23-year-old daughter (Bob Marley’s granddaughter), Selah Marley’s, latest business move. You see, Kanye West has caused a major tizzy all across social media, by rockin’ a “White Lives Matter” shirt for his new Yeezy clothing collection on Monday, in Paris. Thing is, he also took Lauryn’s model-daughter along for that ride…to the surprise of many.

(Top row) Selah Marley; (Bottom row, L – R) Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley with daughter, Selah; Selah’s grandfather, Bob Marley; Rohan with daughter, Selah

So, why are fans surprised and now speaking out on this? For several reasons. For starters, Kanye is doing what Kanye does — sparking controversy. But what really has many Lauryn Hill fans taken aback, is that Selah Marley is doing what her moms, nor late activist grandfather, Bob Marley, would likely not have done — she’s teamed up with Trump-supporting Kanye, and flaunted his “White Lives Matter” shirt at ‘Ye’s latest fashion show.

Kanye West with Lauryn Hill’s daughter (Bob Marley’s granddaughter), Selah Marley, wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt from the Yezzy collection, Oct. 3, 2022

In case y’all haven’t heard…the WLM shirt is ‘Ye’s latest creation that he was photographed wearing, alongside not only Selah, but also Black controversial conservative, Candace Owens, while at the Paris fashion show.

The back of the shirt reads, “White Lives Matter,” in bold white letters; while the front showcases an image of Pope John Paul II with the message, “We shall follow your example.”

Kanye West and controversial conservative, Candace Owens, wearing Yeezy’s “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris fashion show, Oct. 3, 2022

Needless to say, fans have been goin’ off about this ever since– calling Kanye every name under the sun; while also expressing confusion over how the daughter and granddaughter of such pro-Black legends — Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley — has gotten to this point with her seemingly opposing outlook.

Kanye West with Lauryn Hill’s daughter (Bob Marley’s granddaughter), Selah Marley, wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt from the Yezzy collection, Oct. 3, 2022

Fans were quick to point out Selah Marley in some of the online images that have now surfaced of Kanye’s fashion show:

“Kanye West got Lauryn Hill daughter wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ tee collection. Streets is don,” wrote one Twitter user.

For the record, fans are not against White lives. In fact, within American culture it’s long been understood that White lives matter – as they should, along with all lives. However, the question has always been whether or not Black lives actually matter in America…given the hundreds of years of continued oppression and systemic racism African Americans face daily on every level. That is why so many fans are perplexed by Kanye’s latest spectacle.

Anywho…not sure how Lauryn Hill, nor Selah Marley’s pops, Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son), really feel about Kanye seemingly utilizing their daughter as a walking billboard to get his message across. Maybe…only time will tell.