Fans Confused About Keyshia Cole, 36, Pregnancy Post And Extremely Young Boyfriend

Posted On : July 6, 2018

Keyshia Cole has gone under the public radar for the past several months, but yesterday she caught fans’ attention with an interesting post she shared via Instagram. According to The Shade Room, Keyshia and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Niko Khale, are expecting their first child together. While pregnancies are usually happy times and fans rejoice with their favorite celebrities, things are a bit different for Keyshia, because fans are lookin’ at their relationship a bit differently.

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Keyshia’s Announcement:

On Thursday (July 5), Keyshia took to Instagram with a photo of herself and now the post has gone viral. While the photo, itself, looks pretty typical, it’s the caption that’s turning heads. With the photo, Keyshia wrote, “#PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit #CongradulationsAreInOrder @fashionnova.” For those who don’t know, the “Love” singer made her Instagram account private for a few hours (it’s public again now), following the many fan reactions,  but of course there were screenshots of her post already circulating online. Check out her post below:

Although she isn’t showing yet, the caption is very telling. But fans are still a bit confused about the post.

Fans’ Reaction:

Why did Keysh’ suddenly go private on IG? If I had to take a guess, I’d say it was probably because she needed a minute to get rid of many fans’ comments about her getting pregnant by a dude who’s 14 years her junior and just entering into manhood. I don’t know that for certain, so don’t quote me on it, but given the fan backlash she’s getting in other online posts over this, it’s possible.

As expected, Keyshia’s pregnancy has garnered an array of colorful responses. While many of her fans have congratulated her, others are throwin’ major shade for a number of reasons. The main reason centers on the newness of the relationship and her man’s age. Some have raised concerns about the possibility of her man being an opportunist and now that she’s pregnant with his child, she could be stuck with him for the next 18 years.
One fan wrote:

“Damn Keisha. You barely know this man. Now you gotta put him on, gotta put him in the studio. He’s gonna blow up & get super focused on his career & start spending less quality time. You’ll start to get jealous… Feeling like none of it would be possible without her. Blah blah blah.”

Another person wrote:

“I keep telling everyone that black women have babies with anyone and for no reason….. Now what would posess a nearly 40 year old woman to have a child with a 22 year old… This relationship can’t last and won’t last… Some women have children knowing the relationship is doomed….”

However, the age difference isn’t the only concern for fans. The other issue is the timeline. You see, Keyshia and Niko just debuted their relationship back in April of this year (2018). So, it’s only been a few short months as far as fans are concerned, which seems like they’re movin’ at a rapid pace. Even before Keyshia announced the pregnancy, there was speculation that she was pregnant and fans immediately raised concerns, according to Celebrity Insider. At the time, one person wrote:

“Ew no, do better sis his lil’ face self is not the move lmao. She is 36 & he is 22. It is just odd to me. First Blac Chyna, now Keyshia. That looks Tristan Thompson. Disappointing…you are right, 15 years is a huge age difference. That boy has not even finished growing yet how did he even snag her?? Cute little boy but I was hoping for more for her.. smh.”

In Keyshia’s Defense:

Despite all her naysayers, Keyshia has tons of supporters who have come to her defense:

“I am glad she is happy she is a good woman.Yesss Keyshia the ring is the goal ….Damn… leave her alone it is called Happy weight sis eating good, and she is happy. Yall sound so miserable,” one fan said. “Age ain’t nothing but a number. I pray this relationship works out for her….. if not, she’s gonna really go HAM on ALL men I feel like you can relate to somebody the same age or equally yolk to you like maybe a couple of years older not like 16 or 17 because they may have a lot of experience then you so I guess you should stay in your age bracket so y’all can learn one another. Y’all can enjoy each other company because Y’all can experience life with instead of them saying yeah I been there and done that.”

Hopefully, everything works out for Keyshia and Niko. It’s obvious the couple is very happy about the newest addition to their growing family. Congrats to Keysh’ for gettin’ her cougar on…if she likes it, then it’s all good.

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