Fans Are Loving This Video Of Malcolm-Jamal Warner Dancing With His Daughter

Posted On : July 15, 2018

Malcolm Jamal Warner, who is widely known for his role as Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show, is in love with being a dad. So in love with being a dad, the beloved Cosby star often uses social media to chronicle his journey into fatherhood. Recently, Warner shared an adorable video of him dancing with his 1 year-old princess as she has stolen his heart.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s Daddy Daughter Dance Party Has The Internet Swooning: 

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is thoroughly enjoying being a father to his 14 month-old daughter. While many of us still see Warner as Theo Huxtable, a role he played on the Cosby Show for years, he’s all grown up and a great dad in real life. After a number of years and celebrity relationships, the 47-year-old welcomed his first child into the world in May of 2017.

Recently, Warner took to Instagram to share that his living room is often a place where he dances with his daughter’s mother along with his daughter. Warner shared with his followers that parenting a 14 month old can be challenging, however, the veteran actor wants his daughter to know that she is loved. Despite the fact that he wanted to clean the kitchen, his princess wasn’t having it as she wanted to be held by her daddy. Not wanting to take any moments for granted, Warner stopped what he was doing and began dancing with his adorable baby. Both Warner and his daughter had no pants on as they danced in the kitchen to The Jacksons’song, Shake Your Body Down To The Ground.

Malcolm-Jamal wrote the following about the heartwarming moment:

Our livingroom is no stranger to mommy-daddy-daughter dance parties. Top picks are Itsy Bitsy Spider by Go Fish (Party Like A Preschooler, that joint goes hard) and Mi Gente by @jbalvin(gotta feed that boriqua blood). We just woke up from a nap and for some reason I was intent on cleaning up the kitchen from a messy lunch, but my daughter wouldn’t let me. She wanted to be held in a low key whiney 14 month old way. For a brief moment I felt myself getting low key frustrated. But then I stopped what I was doing bc she didn’t care about a messy kitchen. All she wanted was for her daddy to hold her. Something that simple makes my daughter happy. Something THAT simple. And it was a moment I didn’t want to take for granted. We told Alexa to shuffle songs by @thejacksons and we had our own impromptu kitchen dance party (heavily inspired by @wyanna and her kitchen dancing-I you, mama )! Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if Kiki loves me. I know my daughter and my Queen do. That’s ALL that matters.

Watch The Video Below:

It’s clear to see that Warner’s angel is becoming a daddy’s girl. All little girls should have the opportunity to dance with their daddy. Kudos to Malcolm for putting his daughter first and ensuring that she has a great childhood.