Fantasia Took ‘Em To Chuuurch On “American Idol” Last Night!

Posted On : February 12, 2016

fb fantasia american idolLast night on American Idol, Fantasia did what Fantasia does- she SANG and brought the whole house to their feet like they were in Sunday morning worship service!

In case you haven’t heard, this year is the last year that American Idol will be airing and now the show is celebrating their many years on air by bringing out the big guns. Yesterday was the day that some of the past Idol winners showed up to do their thing alongside the current contestants. Although many did a great job, it was our girl, Fan,’ who stole the show because she not only showed up, she showed out and she even brought Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, slightly to tears.

"American Idol" judge, Jennifer Lopez watching Fantasia perform
“American Idol” judge, Jennifer Lopez watching Fantasia perform

Honestly, I stopped watching American Idol a while ago, so I can’t really tell you much about the contestants that Fantasia sang duets with last night- Jordan Sasser and La’Porsha- other than the fact that they both did an incredible job. La’Porsha and Fantasia’s voices and runs matched beautifully and Jordan Sasser definitely held his own on stage with Fan.’

Fanatasia singing with "American Idol" contestant, La'Porsha
Fanatasia singing with “American Idol” contestant, La’Porsha
Fantasia singing with "American Idol" contestant Jordan Sesser
Fantasia singing with “American Idol” contestant Jordan Sesser

Of course Fantasia naturally made it difficult for the judges to mostly focus on the contestants’ performance – she didn’t try to do that, she just couldn’t help it. Check out their performances below, this will put you in a good mood this Friday…