Fantasia Visits Her Severely Injured Brother & Does An Amazing Thing For Paralyzed Patient

Posted On : September 21, 2017

Fantasia has a not only a beautiful voice, but a beautiful spirit, hands down. In case you all weren’t aware Fantasia’s brother, Xavier Barrino, was seriously injured in an accident. Someone ran into him with their vehicle while he was riding his motorcycle.

Fantasia with her brother, Xavier Barrino, who was severely injured in accident

Fantasia & Family Ask For Prayers

He was in a car accident on September 5th and Fantasia immediately took to Instagram to ask for prayer: “All of you who follow or see this PLEASE PRAY NOW please please please for my baby Bro please he is my Heartbeat PRAY Warriors PRAY.” Fantasia then made an announcement about just how severe Xavier’s injuries are on September 12th, by posting this message online:

Motorcycle accident Broken pelvis Broke both legs Broke left arm Broke shoulder Broke left Foot Fractures in back Kidneys not working Infection in bladder On Breathing Tub and more but STILL HERE!! You can't tell me the Father can't do it. This lil Guy is a fighter and After 6 surgeries and a lot more to go he is still kicking it. We have a Long road ahead of us but the Father walks before us and we follow him @riccobarrino & @vh1teenybarrino said he's going to come out singing a new song and they are taking him in the Lab to share his testimony Thanks for your continued prayers you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for @xavierbarrino keep my Mother Lifted hard for a Mother to see

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Their other brother, Teeny Barrino, also posted a tearful message, asking everyone for prayers for Xavier on September 13th:

Roughest battle ive ever went threw! Plz just pray……@tasiasword @riccobarrino @bryan.rash @mikecam24

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Fast forward to a few days later and ‘Tasia’s brother still has a long way to go toward recovery, with his ninth surgery in just nine days. While visiting her brother in the hospital to check on his progress, Fantasia did one of the most unselfish, gracious acts of kindness no one expected. As she continues to worry and pray for her brother’s recovery, she took some time to grant the request of another patient.

What Fantasia Did For Another Patient

While at the hospital, a woman went to Fantasia and asked her to please sing to her husband, who had also just been in a severe car accident that left him paralyzed. Without hesitation, ‘Tasia put herself to the side and used her gift to uplift that woman’s husband. It is a very touching thing to see and the patient was clearly overwhelmed with emotion, as Fantasia went into his room, looked into his eyes and sang to him like only she can. In between her singing, she paused several times to offer words of encouragement, saying things like “it’s okay.” Watch Fantasia do what she does in the video clip below.

Video Update On Fantasia’s Brother

As far as Fantasia’s brother’s current progress, here is what her other brother, Teeny Barrino, posted about his journey…


Fantasia also posted a clip of her brother singing before he was in and accident…

We’re sending prayers up and positive energy to Xavier Barrino and the patent Fanstasia sang to at this time. Keep fighting brothas!