Fantasia’s Brother Fighting To Walk Again After Accident, Shares Amazing Video Update

Posted On : August 11, 2018

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Singer, Fantasia Barrino, couldn’t be more proud and inspired by her lil’ bro, Xavier Barrino, right about now. It’s been almost one year since he’s been able to walk, following the horrific car accident that nearly killed him. Yet, he’s been determined, since day one, that he will be back on his feet again.  Now, in the words of their brother, Ricco Barrino, Xavier is “making leaps and bounds” with his progress.

(Video) The Latest On Xavier Barrino’s Progress

Ricco shared the latest news about Xavier’s progress on Instagram. He posted video footage of Xavier slowly walking up and down a mock staircase, with assistance from his nurse. In his caption, Ricco big up’d his brother for the hard work he’s been putting in and encouraged his IG followers to show some love to Xavier for motivation:

RiccoBarrino: The boy @xavierbarrino making leaps and bounds … Please leave you comments and cheer this guy on! Comment 👇🏽 Thanks 😉 😀💨💨🚀 My #motivation #inspiration #walk #fight #music #riccobarrino #family #littlebrother #hefe would be proud

As you can see in the above video, Xavier wore full length braces on both of his legs and was carefully gripping the side rails for stability. Yet, the look of determination on his face was apparent- it showed that the brotha refuses to give up and because of his drive, he’s now seemingly light years ahead of where he was in February 2018…

Details On Fantasia’s Brother’s Severe Accident

On September 5, 2017, we reported that Fantasia’s 21 year old brother, Xavier, was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. At that time, Fantasia immediately took to Instagram to ask for prayer:

“All of you who follow or see this PLEASE PRAY NOW please please please for my baby Bro please he is my Heartbeat PRAY Warriors PRAY.”

She later posted another Instagram announcement, stating at that time, Xavier had 6 surgeries in just 7 days and that he would eventually have to learn to walk again. Now there is some good news.

His Prior Progress Update…

As of March 2nd, 6 months after Xavier’s accident, Fantasia took to Instagram with a very inspiring video update about her baby bro. He’d just stood up for the first time since the accident and their mother, Diane Barrino, caught it all on camera. Although Xavier needed the assistance of both his mother and his physical therapist to stand up, the sheer determination and will to recover was very evident in his face at that time as well. In Fantasia’s caption, she wrote:

“My Father is Awesome 👏🏾😢 @xavierbarrino I’m so proud of you baby You never gave up the fight I TOLD YALL HE WOULD WALK AGAIN AND IM STANDING ON THAT ‘HE WILL’ Father THANK YOU 🙏🏾”

Here’s the video update from March 2018:

September 2018 will make a year since Xavier almost lost far more than just his ability to walk on his own. Hopefully, by the time he makes his one year anniversary, he’ll have made even greater strides. Wishing Xavier Barrino all the best on his journey back to a full recovery. Thankfully, he has the unconditional love of his two young children and the rest of his family to lean on throughout his process.