Fearing Violence, Tyrese Blocks Ex From Taking Daughter On Suspiciously Timed Trip

Posted On : June 6, 2018

Tyrese and his ex-wife, Norma, have been goin’ at it for months. Although they are divorced and Tyrese has even remarried, the big issue now is their daughter, Shayla. Back in December, Norma dragged Tyrese straight to hell, claiming he’d been abusive to their daughter.

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At the time, Tyrese even had fans givin’ him the side eye because he seemed like a basket case with his emotions all over the place. But it could have just been the fact that he loves his baby. In fact, Tyrese has made it clear he loves his baby so much, he’ll stop at nothin’ to make sure she’s well taken care of which might explain his latest legal tactic to block Norma from traveling out of the country with Shayla. If you haven’t heard the latest, Tyrese is heading back to court to play a hardball with Norma. Not only his he blockin’ her trip overseas, he’s going a step further to squash all this drama once and for all.

No Israel For Shayla:

When Tyrese caught wind of Norma’s plans to travel to Israel, he immediately made a call to his attorney to pump the breaks. According to The Blast, Tyrese’s attorneys quickly got to work filing court documents to prohibit Norma from taking Shayla to Israel. Insiders have revealed on Tuesday, June 5, Norma appeared in court requesting an emergency hearing to be granted the right to travel overseas with their daughter. Of course, Tyrese is NOT having that. The “Shame” singer reportedly cited concerns about Shayla’s safety due to recent events and circumstances that have contributed to the rise in violence in the area. In a nutshell, Tyrese is saying it ain’t safe and Shayla ain’t going.

Emergency Or Nah?:

Although Norma requested an “emergency” hearing, Tyrese’s attorneys are arguin’ that there’s nothin’ about the trip to justify it bein’ an emergency.

The “Fast and the Furious” star’s ace attorney, Ali Fishbein, argued that their is no emergency reason for Norma to take their daughter out of the country. Fishbein also claimed Tyrese was worried over the safety of his daughter while in Israel, especially after the uptick in violence since the U.S. embassy was moved into Jerusalem.

Big Win In Court:

As expected, the judge sided with Tyrese and shut down Norma’s trip. But he didn’t stop there. Norma was also forced to surrender Shayla’s passport. So they definitely ain’t goin’ nowhere anytime soon. Tyrese’s big win in court has opened the door for yet another legal battle and Norma may have done better just leavin’ well enough alone. Although she and Tyrese share 50/50 custody of Shayla, now he’s seeking primary custody of his daughter so he can move her to Atlanta. Tyrese filed court documents insisting it “is in Shayla’s best interest” to relocate from Los Angeles (where she lives with her mother) to Atlanta.”
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The singer and his new wife recently closed on a $4.2 million home in Hotlanta. Tyrese’s deposition also details the efforts he’s made with the purchase of his “23,000 square foot home in an affluent and safe neighborhood.” He went on to describe Shayla’s environment at his home with “her own room and bathroom in his home, complete with a bed and an extra set of bunk beds for her friends to stay overnight.”

It looks like Norma’s about to be fighting an uphill battle with Tyrese.