Female Fans Of ’90s Shai Singer Get Distracted By How He Looks In Recent Photos

Posted On : May 18, 2022
Shai singer, Garfield A. Bright; (inset photo) Shai

When we think of the ’90s group Shai, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is the chorus to their hit song, “If I Ever Fall In Love”: *singing* “And if I ev’…(ever fall) in love…(aga-a-a-ain)/ I will be sure that the lady is my FRIEEEND/ And if I ev-er fall in love (so tru-u-u-ue) I will be sure that the lady’s just like YOU-OOOOH”

That is a CLASSIC, aint it?!! Anywho, we wanted to fill you in on what Garfield one of the most recognizable faces of Shai is up to these days, and there are a few things we’ve learned: (1) He’s still making his female fans clutch their pearls at the mere sight of him; and (2) He’s still an educator to this day. Just as we’d previously reported a while back, Garfield is now Dr. Garfield Bright.

Shai singer, Garfield A. Bright

Garfield Speaks Out Against Police Brutality, Ladies Love Him For It

Shai singer, Dr. Garfield A. Bright

In the midst of the many heartbreaking, unjust murders of African Americans at the hands of some trigger happy cops, Garfield spoke out about it in 2020, during a Black Lives Matter rally in Missouri City, TX (see video below). While there, he urged everyone to look inward to assess how we perceive each other through race, class, gender etc., in order to unlearn any toxic views and ill-guided misconceptions.

Although his message was great, his female fans couldn’t help but notice the brotha’s looks and they also appreciated his intellect. One commenter asked him if he was still a teacher, to which Garfield replied:

“I’m an Educator. Instead of being in the classroom, I create educational programs in the community.”

Then came a few more lustful comments for the Shai crooner (in various posts):

humble_l***: So fine and educated? Lawd have mercy!!! … Ain’t nothing like a fine educated Black man ok? Make you ready to drop it low! Oops let me watch my mouth 😂😂😂

drcastl*****: @thegarfieldbright you are so breathtaking 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

rrio***: Sexy back then and STILL handsome af!!


Although Garfield likely appreciates the love from the ladies, he is still on a mission to educate and share inspiring messages to his people, just like he did in the following Instagram post:

“Understanding” through Elenchus:
After seeking knowledge during Black out Tuesday we then need to be able to reach somewhat of a collective understanding.
The pursuit of true intellectual wisdom is well served through dialogue featuring elenchus, in order to arrive at a mutual theory of what is really going on. Once there we can move in a more honest manner toward a comprehensive understanding, devoid of ego based contradictions. We can and should give and receive information in the spirit of intellectual critique, that will expose what is most cogent and sound about what “we think” we know, and will allow for stronger strategies to be created going forward.
If you are truly invested in “knowing” and “understanding,” start your research for today by looking up “Elenchus” as a first step. Then Lets create forums, so we can build. -Dr. Garfield R. Bright Jr. .
#amplifymelanatedvoices #blackouttuesday #blacklivesmatter #theshowmustbepaused #elenchus #socrates

Garfield Bright

History Of Garfield’s Education & Teaching

The Shai singer sometimes shares his health knowledge and plant based living views during his online vlog, “Curiosity Collage.” As seen in the video clip above.

Garfield was a teacher at Georgia State University for several years. He also spent two years (2008-2010) as a high school Geography/History teacher in Lawndale, Ca., and he was a co-teacher of “The Politics Of Hip Hop” at California State University at Northridge in 2007. He earned his Masters Degree in African American Studies at Georgia State in 2012 and last year he headed a program at there called I.C.M.E. (I Create My Experience) that focused on helping Black and Latino males, ages 16-24, understand cultural awareness, digital/media literacy, and helping them counter negative images of men of color in the media. Additionally, he earned his PhD. in 2018.

What’s Up With Shai Now?


There are only two of the four original members remaining, Garfield A. Bright and Darnell Van Rensalier, along with two new members. The two are still performing as Shai and have added two more members- Dwayne Jones and George Spencer III- to the group. So cool to see these brothas still leaving their mark in the music game.