First Suge Tried To Sue Chris Brown Over Violent Incident, Now They’re Asking Judge For Huge Favor

Posted On : July 19, 2018

What a difference 4 years, some jail time, and a few other legal run-ins with the law makes. In the case of Death Row Records founder, Suge Knight, and singer, Chris Brown, it makes a helluva difference, apparently. They’ve just filed new legal documents to request a judge grants them a favor in the case they’ve been battling for years.

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First Suge Sued Brown For Getting Shot

Many of y’all may remember when Suge was shot 7 times back in August 2014. It happened at the popular 1 Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas, while Chris Brown was performing on stage. It was a pretty chaotic scene and Suge is lucky to be alive, because he was reportedly hit in the chest, abdomen, and left forearm. Brown was not involved in the shooting, nor was he harmed, but that didn’t stop Suge from suing him.

By June 2016, Suge, who was already in jail awaiting trial for a 2015 murder (which he says was self defense), filed a lawsuit against Brown, accusing him of being the reason he was shot.

According to TMZ, Suge called out ‘Brown in the suit … for being a “known gang associate” with a history of hosting events where violent incidents happened.’ The report also stated that Suge claimed that ever since the shooting, he had ‘major health complications…including blood clots.’ In addition to those claims, Brown blamed 1 OAK and Brown for not having what he believed was adequate security at the event, therefore allowing gunman to enter and shoot at him. Knight claims since the shooting he’s had major health complications … including a blood clot. Wow…moving on…

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Chris Brown, on the other hand, was like, ‘that’s a bunch of BS’ and by October 2017, Suge mysteriously dropped his case. Word on the Old School curb, was that Brown’s attorneys sent a heated, threatening legal letter to Suge’s attorneys at that time, ‘saying Suge’s case was a certain loser and when it was thrown out Chris would counterpunch with a malicious prosecution lawsuit.’

Now They Have Joined Forces

Fast forward to now, and lo n’ behold, they have joined forces to fight the lawsuits that BOTH of them are facing over the same incident. Apparently, some other club-goers, who were in attendance during the 2014 club incident, have hit Brown and Suge with lawsuits. As they get ready to head to trial, Brown and Suge are asking the judge for a big favor, in order for them to have a fair trial:

Via The Blast: Chris Brown and Suge Knight are teaming up — in the courtroom, not the recording studio — to try and keep themselves from being labeled as “scary black men with gang-affiliations” in an upcoming trial.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the duo has asked the judge to rule their “reputation and character” be deemed inadmissible character evidence in their upcoming trial related to shooting at the club 1OAK in 2014. […] Brown and Knight were sued by multiple people in 2016 stemming from the shooting. Although no one has accused either of pulling the trigger, the plaintiffs have claimed that their respective pasts and gang affiliations led to the incident. The case is ongoing.

In this case I guess Suge applied the common sense logic of that trusty Old School saying: ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’