Flashback! Remember When Roger Troutman Was Cuttin’ Up On Video Soul?

Posted On : November 23, 2014

This is a classic clip of Roger Troutman on Video Soul, reminding us of why we truly dig that priceless Roger Troutman sound. It’s amazing that some of today’s artists can’t get this right! They’ve had more than enough time to perfect this his sound by now, but we’ll get into that below. Check out this clip…

Roger inspired many artists to use the talk-box or auto-tune (which is like the cousin of the talk-box sound). For example, Teddy Riley was able to carry the torch and make the talk-box do what it do back in the New Jack Swing era, and T-Pain was also able to create magic with his use of auto-tune, but after that, it was pretty much all downhill with the way many of these new artists are straight up abusing that auto-tune. Many R&B artists are using it as a crutch to cover up their singing abilities- or lack thereof, and many rappers are using it to give them a weird, robotic sound that nobody in their crew took the time to tell them NOT to do. The song below is an example of how some new artists are putting auto-tune to horrible use and ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT EVERY OTHER WORD ON THIS SONG IS A CURSE WORD, IT’S ALSO A TOP 40 HIT! And if that isn’t bad enough, you can practically hear the curse words on the radio! Confused? Yeah, we are too. How did we go from Roger Troutman to this?!!>>>

After watching the above video, we think it’s only fair to also show artists who would probably make Roger Troutman proud with their continuation of his influence. So we have to give respect where respect is do.

Remember when Teddy Riley killed it in true Roger Troutman fashion when Guy performed on the Arsenio Hall show back in the day?

T-Pain let’s us know that all hope ain’t lost for the new school artists who use auto-tune, because he uses it well. Remember when he released “Buy You A Drank?”

If you want to see a few more examples of today’s auto-tune abuse in today’s chart topping hits, flip the page…but don’t say we didn’t warn you…LOL.