“FlavorOfLove’s” Tiffany “New York” Pollard Resurfaces With New Face & Complexion, Fans React

Posted On : April 13, 2019
Tiffany “New York” Pollard (via Instagram)

Of course, many fans are letting Tiffany have it after seeing her new look and what she had to say about it. Below is just a small example of how they are sounding off online:

niyar*******: You Look Scary 😭😭

mrz._deti*****: we all think we need to be different than how we are. White girls want a tan, black girls wanna have lighter skin, when we all beautiful, we jus can’t look in the mirror and SEE IT IN OURSELVES.

bomb*******: This NOT the tiffany new york i remember from tv!!! Wth you do?

his_favo**********: This has to be a filter

d_ale*****: Yu look a hot ass mess bytch😂

_onn***: let’s go find her and tell her about herself cause this is not ok 😂

elleem******: …Omg! But really what happened 😩

We’re not sure if Tiffany Pollard has lightened her complexion or not, but the epidemic of skin lightening among African Americans is becoming a new phenomenon that is further aiding the brainwashed notion that Black is not beautiful. While we have nothin’ but love for Tiff,’ we truly hope that she soon understands that her natural brown complexion, as well as her original wider nose, breasts, etc. were and always will be BEAUTIFUL, and a prideful representation of her ancestors. Wishing that Queen the best going forward.

We’ll let India Arie take us out with her inspiring lyrics in her hit, “Video”…