Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius Dishes On Marrying Uber-Driver Husband, Their Sex Life And More

Posted On : December 7, 2021
Singer Marsha Ambrosius, formerly of Floetry

Floetry singer, Marsha Ambrosius, is one of the dopest singers in the game. For years, that’s pretty much all most of her fans have knew her for. Well, in more recent our girl, Marsh,’ has also become known as a mommy to her toddler daughter and wifey to her younger husband, Dez Billups.

In a prior interview with MadameNoire, the two lovebirds spilled the beans about everything- including the fact that Dez was an Uber driver in the beginning of their relationship. They also dished on the “vulgar” sexual questions Marsha’s moms asked her about Dez.

Marsha Made The First Move & Dez Explains How He Became Uber Driver

Marsha Ambrosius with hubby, Dez Billups (via Instagram)

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Based on the way they met, it’s evident that Marsha is a woman who goes after her genuine attraction to a man, instead of what he can do for her financially or professionally.

When they first met, Dez was her bus driver on tour, who soon became an Uber driver after the tour was wrapped:

“For me personally, I always was the type of person to get my own. So even when I did the tour and then I ended up losing my [prior] job for going on tour, I ended up driving Uber. … Everything like the care note…was paid off, so…all I had was a phone bill and maybe a couple other bills that I can do Uber with.”

Dez says at that time, he never asked Marsha for her money because that’s just not his style.

He also revealed that initially, there was no connection between them, because he “was just trying to get paid” for doing his job as a reliable tour bus driver when they first met. However, a few days later Dez checked out Marsha on the low, when they rode in an elevator, but says she paid him no mind. It was only once Marsha told their mutual friend that she wanted to holla at Dez, that their relationship was sparked.

On Their Romance and What Sexual Question Her Mom Asked About Husband

Their first date was at a drive through fast food joint, that ended with a kiss that sent Marsha’s ‘fire & desire’ from 1 to 1000 in seconds- Rick and Teena style. That same night, Marsha called her moms to tell her all bout how much she was instantly feelin’ Dez. However, Marsha’s moms thought she was crazy for boastin’ about Dez after just one kiss. Marsha said her mom felt that she should have allowed Dez to at least “eat you” (oral sex), prior to falling head over heels for him in a day:

“I remember calling my mother that night and she was like, ‘You’re awfully dramatic.’ She was like…’Where’s the details?!! Did he eat you?’ I was like, ‘MOM…don’t even…what are you saying to me right now?!!’ LOL. She said some very vulgar things.” -Marsha

Marsha also admitted that she and Dez ‘sexed each other up,’ like Color Me Badd, 7 days after first talking to one another. According to Marsha, that was a major feat because apparently she wanted to jump on his bones after their first kiss:

“The kiss of all time where I just knew that wow, this was the last person that I’m gonna kiss,” recalled Marsha. She continued, “We didn’t sleep together for like seven days, so it counts. You know, I didn’t go ALL the way [it was] 7 days was- LONG time! … I was trying to keep it together, but the kiss was everything.”

Good thing is that, they’ve managed to last for several years now and are happily raising their little precious mini-me together. Love can come at us from all directions, it’s just up to us to leave ourselves open to receive it.

Had Marsha Ambrosius just viewed Dez as the Uber driver with a tour bus driving gig on the side, she would’ve never been able to see past her superstar lenses to detect the human connection she had with the brotha. Good for them.

See what else they said in the interview up top…their chemistry is infectious.