Floyd Mayweather Sr. Secretly Marries Woman Who’s Nothing Like His New Baby Mama

Posted On : July 30, 2018

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These days, our main man, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is just full of surprises! It was only a few months ago, that the former boxer and father of boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr., was hit with the paternity test confirmation, that he is a new daddy at 65 years young. Now with his new nuptial revelations.

Meet Floyd Sr.’s New Bride & What Floyd Jr. Thinks About Her

Turns out, just months before it was revealed that Floyd Sr. had a child with another woman, he was saying, “I do,” to his new Mrs. in a Las Vegas chapel. Ain’t that something? Floyd Jr.’s “Papa was a rolling stone,” much like the one the Temps sang about in 1972, when Floyd Sr. was just a 19 year old boxer in training. Anyways, here’s what’s been reported about their marriage and how Floyd’s son feels about it:

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Lois Ann Roberts on their wedding day (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Sources connected to the situation tell us … Floyd and Lois Ann Roberts hit up the Stained Glass Wedding Chapel in Vegas on February 4 and swapped “I Dos” in a very quick and quiet ceremony. […]

We’re told Floyd’s famous boxing superstar son was NOT at the wedding. However, our Mayweather sources say Floyd Jr. is really fond of Sr.’s new wife — they’ve known each other for decades and he considered her family even before things became official.

Floyd Sr.’s marriage to his new bride, Lois Ann, is actually kinda surprising for two reasons: (1) Most never knew he was even in a serious relationship, especially after the latest revelation about his new kid; and (2) Surprisingly, his lovely wife is in his age bracket, which is a totally different generation from his decades younger baby mama. We’re not sure of Mrs. Mayweather Sr.’s exact age, but what we do know is that her hubby’s baby mama, Purisa Farris, is 29 years old- young enough to be her baby daddy’s daughter…just sayin.’

In Case You Missed It…The Mother Of Floyd Sr.’s New Child Speaks Out

The battle over whether or not Floyd Sr. was the daddy of 1 year old, Nalani Mayweather, dates back to October 2016, at the time of her conception. In court docs filed by the 29 year old mother, Purisa Farris, she broke the entire scenario down of how she’s been trying to get Floyd Sr. to support his little girl:

Purisa Farris (29), the mother of Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s 1 year old daughter (photo via TMZ)

Via The Blast: According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mayweather Sr., 65, was sued for child support on January 16 by a 29-year-old woman named Purisa Farris. Farris claims Mayweather is the father of her 1-year-old daughter, Nalani Mayweather. She lists the date of conception as October 2016 and accuses him of failing to pay child support from October 2017 until December 2017.

She also revealed he was not present for Nalani’s birth:

According to official records, Mayweather was not listed as the father on the birth certificate but rather it was left blank. She claims he communicated with her during the pregnancy but was not present during the birth. Farris accuses him of not paying any medical expenses, providing support, clothing or food, nor has he visited the kid.

The timing of Floyd Sr.’s marriage makes me wonder if he was trying to hurry up and lock down his wife (presumably to make her happy…or so she would be less prone to leave him) before the you-know-what hit the fan, regarding his paternity test results. After all, according to Purisa Farris, she was telling Floyd Sr. that their precious little girl was his from the jump. However, it wasn’t until June 2018 (4 months after the Vegas marriage), that the test confirmed it. Hmmm…at any rate, congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Mayweather Sr.!