Former “Different World” Actor Resurfaces With Very Young Girlfriend & Has Many Talking

Posted On : November 23, 2017

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Ever since the 1990’s, we’ve watched former Different Actor transition from “Freddie’s” boyfriend, “Shazza Zulu”; to Janet Jackson’s love interest in her 1993 video for “Again; to his lead role in the early 2000’s on CSI. We’ve also seen the unfortunate legal struggles actor/singer/musician, Gary Dourdan (51), had following the end of his CSI stint in 2008. Since 2008, Dourdan’s gone through two chapter 11 bankruptcies and according to DailyMail, his ‘legal woes also include a 2012 felony battery charge against ex-girlfriend Nicole Cannizzaro, as well as arrests for drug possession in 2008 and 2011.’

Throughout the past few years of his personal struggles, it seemed that Gary had disappeared into the land of obscurity on a far, far, away land of nowhere. Why? Because no one could find the brotha for a while…that is until now. Thankfully, Gary is working again and loving life. As a singer and musician, he still performs across the world with his band. In the acting world, things are still poppin’ for him too. In recent years, Dourdan has starred in the¬†Mary Jane¬†series, opposite Gabrielle Union, and he’s just wrapped up the highly acclaimed stage play, “Two Can Play That Game,” which also stars Vivica Fox, Towanda Braxton, Carl Payne, Porsha Williams (of Real Housewives of Atlanta) and more.

All of that is good news, but depending on who you ask regarding the current status of his love life- that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Why Folks Are Talking About His New Woman

Photos have just surfaced of the typically reclusive Gary Dourdan, out and about with his lady on his arm in the streets of Manhattan, NY. They looked like they were so happy, they could’ve very well been cast in a happy-go-lucky dating site info-mercial.

Anyways, the reason that many are talking about the couple, is because when you take one look at Gary’s mystery girlfriend, it’s clear to see that she’s young enough to be his daughter…she damn near looks borderline legal. However, she is of legal age, because she’s a sophomore at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

Although not much is known about Gary Dourdan’s new boo, in comparison to his daughter, Nyla, the two young ladies look like they could be classmates.

Gary Dourdan and one of his two kids, Nyla

Now, even though the 51 year old actor is dating his new young Tender-Roni, we won’t judge the man, because we’ve all seen older cats date young women.

As long as the woman is legal, it’s all good. When it comes to small talk among them though, it’s probably not much they have in common. I mean, when you really think about it, it’s kinda hard to, say, reminisce about their childhood memories together, given the fact that Dourdan grew up on Charlie Brown, Soul Train and bell bottoms and the Sugar Hill Gang. While his lady grew up on Barney and has probably never even seen a rotary phone in real life before. That’s no diss to neither of them, just an observation.

At any rate, the best part of all of this, is that they look happy together, the mystery girlfriend is legal and Gary seems to be living trouble-free these days. Looking forward to seeing what new projects he has coming up in the future. Do your thing Dourdan!