Former ‘Family Matters’ Star Accused Of Child Abuse, Dislocating His Daughter’s Arm

Posted On : October 4, 2018

When the cameras were rolling, Darius McCrary was part of what most people would consider a relatively picture-perfect family – the cast of “Family Matters.” But once the cameras stopped rolling and Darius’ real life took center stage, things were quite different.

More than once the former child star has made headlines amid allegations of domestic violence and now his ex-wife has come forward with another disturbing allegation. This time, it’s in reference to alleged abuse his 2-year-old daughter is said to have suffered as a result of his actions.

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Child Abuse:

According to The Blast, court documents have detailed the abuse allegations being brought against Darius McCrary. The actor has been accused of dislocating his daughter’s arm after forcefully grabbing her by one arm. However, Darius is telling a very different story. While he admits that he did grab his daughter by the arm, he insists he “immediately grabbed the other” to lift her up.

Brawner also alleges that McCrary grabbed Zoey’s arm to pull her into the bathroom, only to end up dislocating the child’s arm. McCrary, however, denies this allegation, claiming in the documents that he “grabbed one hand to lift her up and immediately grabbed the other.”

After the incident occurred, Zoey was diagnosed with “‘Nursemaid’s Elbow,’ a common elbow injury among young children and toddlers. It occurs when a child’s elbow is pulled and one of the bones partially dislocates,” according to the publication.

Blown Off Court Orders:

In addition to the abuse allegations, Darius has also been accused of blowing off other court orders associated with their custody case. Tammy revealed she and Darius were both ordered to take a co-parenting class, but there was just one problem: Darius reportedly never showed up for the classes.

Despite her efforts to work with Darius, she insists her estranged ex-husband is a tyrant incapable of comprising and meeting in the middle to co-parent.

“I cannot co-parent by myself,” Tammy said. “I have gone above and beyond to parent with Mr. McCrary but he appears to be too bitter and too much of a tyrant to parent with me.”

The one time Tammy claims he did show up, he reportedly brought another child. However, this isn’t the first time Tammy has blasted Darius and accused him of abuse.

Previous Abuse Allegations:

The latest news follows a string of reports over the past couple of years. For those who missed it, Darius has been repeatedly accused of abusing his ex-wife and daughter. Prior to his marriage to Tammy Brawner, he also had a tumultuous relationship and marriage to Karrine “Super Head” Steffans. Like Tammy, Karrine also claimed Darius was abusive. At the time, he denied all of her claims, as well.

“While it is unfortunate that Miss Steffans has resorted to such public attacks and allegations against Mr. McCrary, he wants his family, friends and fans to know that in no way does he condone anyone resorting to violence against another human being to solve a problem,” his rep told E! News at the time. “It is apparent that Miss Steffans didn’t take the finality of the divorce well and has resorted to her old tricks of public defamation of one’s character.”

Initially, many people thought Karrine was lying, but based on the ladies’ eerily similar accounts, there’s lots of speculation about who’s really lying. Hopefully, Tammy and Darius can reach a common ground. Since they’re daughter is only 2, they have a lot of time to deal with each other.