Funny! Watch Tracy Ellis Ross & Regina Hall Try To Rap & Decode Rap Song!

Posted On : March 24, 2016

fb tracy ellis ross and regina hall

Actresses, Tracy Ellis Ross and Regina Hall, recently decided to have a rap session, LOL. They chose Drake and Future’s new song, “Jumpman,” and tried their best to decode what the meaning behind the lyrics were, as they took turns going back in forth rapping them.

For this rap session our girl, Tracy, went all out- she went by her ‘rap name,’ T-Murda; had someone cornrow her hair in a zig-zag design; and she rocked a customized gold grill on her bottom teeth. She and Regina also got their nails done up for the occasion with many embellishments on them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.40.02 PM

After the song was over, it looks like Regina and Tracy walked away just as confused about the song, as they were prior to rapping it. Can’t say that we blame ’em, most of the rap on the radio nowadays needs to come with a translated version of what the hell some of these rappers are actually saying and/or talking about.

Tracy and Regina gave a true representation of what it looks like when old schoolers, who were raised in an era with REAL music, attempt to step into the new age “rap era” to try to bridge that gap. Some gaps just will never be meant to actually merge…LOL.

Check out Tracy’s and regina’s struggle rap cypher below for a good laugh…

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