Gabrielle Union Finally Speaks Out About Feud With Jada Pinkett-Smith

Posted On : May 8, 2018

A couple days ago, Jada Pinkett-Smith turned heads when she shed light on her years-long feud with Gabrielle Union. To many fans, the news came as quite a surprise but apparently the ladies’ inner circles were well aware of the feud. According to Page Six, the ongoing opposition has lasted a total of 17 years. Of course, fans have tons of questions and most are asking, “What happened?” Initially, Jada was the only person who had spoken publicly about the situation. Now, Gabrielle Union is breaking her silence.

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Breaking Silence:

When Gabrielle appeared on the Today show on Monday, May 7, of course she was asked about Jada’s comment. So, she decided to shed light on the situation sharing her side of the story. Surprisingly, she admitted she’s not sure how it all started since its been so long. “Jada nor I ever used the word feud, so it just became more of a media creation,” Gabrielle said. “Kind of like back in the day, neither one of us actually knows what originally took place back then.”

However, she does know one thing: the situation grew worse over the years. So, what caused the rift? Gabrielle Union believes the people in their inner circles may have made the situation worse but she and Jada have never really addressed their differences. “The people we had around us were like, ‘Well, you know how she feels about you,’ and they were like, ‘Well, you know how she feels about you,’” Gabrielle recalled. “And then it was like ‘girl bye’ for 17 years.”

The famed actress believes pride and insecurities are the reason they never had a heart-to-heart about the situation. “Even though we’re both very outspoken women, both activists, our husbands are friends, I worked with her husband, we both had too much pride and too much insecurities to just say, ‘Hey, did that ever actually happen or was that just a creation of someone who didn’t want to see two women rise together?’”

Well now Gabrielle Union’s question will be answered because fans will finally get to see her and Jada have a heart-to-heart; woman-to-woman. Jada has revealed Gabrielle Union will be appearing on her new Web series and they’ll be puttin’ it all on the table – literally.

How It All Started:

By now, most fans have probably heard about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s new Web series “Red Table Talk” which airs on Facebook Watch. According to Extra TV, the “Girls Trip” star briefly discussed what viewers can expect from the Web series and one of the things she mentioned was her upcoming webisode featuring Gabrielle Union. Jada admitted the ladies hadn’t “been on the best terms for 17 years.” However, like Gabrielle Union, she admitted she too was unsure how they ended up on bad terms.

“I have a really touching episode with Gabrielle Union. We haven’t been on the best of terms for 17 years, and we have a reconciliation.” Jada continued, “When the producers said we want to do a girlfriends show… her name just kept coming up… it just couldn’t be anything else.” When Tanika asked if the beef was over, Jada said, “Oh, definitely. We don’t even know how it started!”

Based on the way Jada described their relationship, it’s obvious why media outlets quickly labeled their situation as an “ongoing feud.” However, it looks like the “feud” is finally over. Congrats to Jada Pinkett-Smith and Gabrielle Union.