After The Game’s Manager Hints That Mike Tyson Severely Beat Him, Hilarious New Details Emerge

Posted On : May 31, 2019

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Public service announcement: Anyone waiting for that infamous video footage of Mike Tyson knocking The Game’s manager the hell out, will be waiting forever.

Why is that, you ask? Well, based on what has now been uncovered regarding a brutal beatdown rapper, The Game’s, manager, Wack 100, alleged to have received from the boxing champ, it looks like the video does not exist…and for a good reason.

What Had Happened Was…

Wack 100 (L); The Game (R) [Instagram]
So, the other day Mike Tyson and Wack 100 shook up the internet, after they alluded that they’d gotten into a fist fight during a taping of Tyson’s “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson” podcast, after Wack 100 supposedly dissed Tyson’s late homie, Tupac.

Wack 100 initially took to Instagram to share a bottle of prescription meds he alluded to taking after gettin’ a serious beatdown from Tyson, and captioned his post with this message:

wack100- Like I said shit got a little heated at the @hotboxinpodcast . Win lose or draw I’m not going for it. @fredfrenchy your not to blame for me and @miketyson situation . A dispute amongst men is just between those 2 men… #West👆🏾

Mike Tyson then further instigated Wack 100’s claims, with an Instagram post that featured a throwback photo of himself with Tupac and the following caption:

miketyson- Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth. Ain’t that right @wack100 #tupacthelegend @hotboxinpodcast #hotboxinpodcast

Many fans and celebs clowned Tyson’s alleged beatdown of his manager. Even Snoop Dogg got in the mix, by posting the comical video below…which was also re-shared by Tyson:

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