The Game’s Statement About Black Men And Woman Has Jump Started A Heated Debate

Posted On : May 8, 2019
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The Game Has Something To Get Off His Chest

Compton’s very own rapper The Game has always been pretty open and transparent about his thoughts and views. He has always let his fans in to his innermost thoughts and feelings. However lately some people are starting to think it is too much. Some of his fans believe he could’ve kept his latest sentiments on Black men and women to himself.

Over the past few months, the Born to Rap artist has been venting on his social media. Now sharing his own message regarding the safeties of Black men and women. In the context of the semi-controversial post, The Documentary rapper stated:

“Black women make plans for next Thursday…. Black men don’t know if they’ll be alive next Thursday.”

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You can tell this comes from the raw thoughts as he expressed in the statement. This wasn’t a quote, this was clearly something that has been dwelling in his mind and heart. The rappers intentions might have been an attempt to shed light on the struggles of our Black men in society. Others felt was a failed attempt to be woke.

It didn’t take long for social media to rip apart the rapper over his message:

What it Looks Like Vs What It Is>>>>>>>>>>

The Game’s PSA may have been interpreted in the worst way by society. He has yet to comment on all the backlash or what he actually intended to achieve with the message.  Could just be a simple case of miscommunication.

The rapper has always used his platform to express what is important to him or bring awareness to situations. Lately he has been using social media to show his support toward women of color. A few months ago, the father of three showed an outpouring of support to various victims. Such as; the victims of R.Kelly, while also citing the injustices of Cyntoia Brown and the recent murder of Jazmine Barnes.

“With everything going on with this whole Surviving R. Kelly drama, Cyntoia Brown’s injustice & recent well-deserved pardon & the murder of Jazmine Barnes. […] now is the time to to give black women as much love and respect as possible.”


Last week, he even wrote a heartfelt poem to Lauren London. It has only been two months since the actress’ loss of longtime partner and rapper, Nipsey Hussle.